April 26, 2013

A-Z Trend Guide: Dresses Giveaway!

Sydne Style A-Z Trend Guide Giveaway Bebe Spring Dresses win contest*This contest has ended. Congrats to Maryiann, Olga, Stacy, Natalia and Bailee for winning! Please email me to receive your new dress for the season!*

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I hope you have been enjoying my A-Z Trend Guide! To continue celebrating the new web series, I’m kicking off the weekend with another giveaway: 5 lucky winners will get to pick one Bebe dress from my current faves above. So that’s five chances to win a piece to update your wardrobe for the season! Here’s how to enter:

      1. Subscribe to my YouTube channel:
      2. “Like” my new Facebook page:
      3. Leave a comment in the section below with what number Bebe dress you’d like to win

Want an extra entry?

  • Instagram and/or Tweet a photo of how you’re wearing one of the trends we’ve covered
  • Tag @sydnesummer and #sstrendguide
  • You can check out examples here

Good luck and keep watching! New episodes every Tuesday & Thursday!

*Winners will be announced May 10 at 12pm PST. Contest is only open to US residents. You must be 18 or older to win and subscribe to and

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  1. Leslie commented:

    Love…love… #2

    Published 4.30.13 Reply
  2. Sofia commented:

    I love dress #4!

    Published 4.30.13 Reply
  3. Lina commented:

    #4 please!! 🙂

    Published 4.30.13 Reply
  4. Torrie M commented:

    I love dress #1

    Published 4.30.13 Reply
  5. Laura commented:

    I absolutely love dress #4, but they are all so gorgeous it’s hard to decide! Great giveaway for summer!

    Published 4.30.13 Reply
  6. Simin commented:

    I Love dress #4!

    Published 4.30.13 Reply
  7. Bianca commented:

    Love dress #1

    Published 4.30.13 Reply
  8. Yamila Pelaez commented:

    thank you

    Published 4.30.13 Reply
  9. Yamila Pelaez commented:

    love dress number 2…thank you

    Published 4.30.13 Reply
  10. Martha commented:

    I love dress #5!

    Published 4.30.13 Reply
  11. Hilary commented:

    Done! I’m loving Dress 4, though Dress 5 is a close second!

    Published 4.30.13 Reply
  12. Georgeta commented:

    I love dress #4! Thank you!

    Published 4.30.13 Reply
  13. monica cartwright commented:


    Published 5.1.13 Reply
  14. Alejandra commented:

    I love 4#

    Published 5.1.13 Reply
  15. Katerina Ro commented:

    dress #3 is made for me! Great for Florida’s summer!
    Thank you

    Published 5.1.13 Reply
  16. Kellie OConnor commented:

    Love #1

    Published 5.1.13 Reply
  17. Darcy Friedmann commented:

    #3 is perfect for summer!

    Published 5.1.13 Reply
  18. Rinata commented:

    Love # 2
    And remember you so fondly!

    Published 5.1.13 Reply
  19. Tracy commented:

    I love dress number 2!

    Published 5.1.13 Reply
  20. martha commented:

    Num. #1 soo cute. I like this.

    Published 5.1.13 Reply
  21. martha commented:

    Plis pliss plisss plissss….i love BEBE!!! Forever!

    Published 5.1.13 Reply
  22. Vanessa Ortega commented:

    Love #4

    Published 5.1.13 Reply
  23. Chelsea Wallner commented:

    #3 woud be the most flattering on me.

    Published 5.2.13 Reply
  24. Tommie commented:

    I love all your dresses but would be so happy to win #2. Love

    Published 5.2.13 Reply
  25. Christine commented:

    loving #4!

    Published 5.2.13 Reply
  26. Stefanie Gladden commented:

    I’d love dress 1!! perfect for spring!
    subscribed on youtube – steffiex516
    liked on fb – steph coupns

    Published 5.2.13 Reply
  27. Julia Falah commented:

    love dress #1

    Published 5.3.13 Reply
  28. vaishnavi a commented:

    Dress #2

    Published 5.3.13 Reply
  29. Hilary A. commented:

    I’ve subscribed & liked! I would pick #3, sooo cute.
    x Hilary
    hilary . l . adams @ gmail . com

    Published 5.3.13 Reply
  30. Victoria commented:

    #4 is so unique and perfect for spring

    Published 5.3.13 Reply
  31. Christie commented:

    Number 1 is so cute. It would be great for my birthday coming up.

    Published 5.4.13 Reply
  32. Angie commented:

    #3! Loving the black and white trend!!

    Published 5.5.13 Reply
  33. Suzy commented:

    Love #4 and #2 as both are perfect for spring and summer! Love all your choices actually!

    Published 5.5.13 Reply
  34. Alicia Aldrete commented:

    Love the little tulip skirt on dress #5!

    Published 5.5.13 Reply
  35. Leah commented:

    Love #1. I’ve been looking for a nice white strapless dress!

    Published 5.6.13 Reply
  36. Kimberly Luu commented:

    LOVING dress #2! Yellow is so perfect for spring right now 🙂

    Published 5.7.13 Reply
  37. Kristen Casey commented:

    Loving dress #2! That color is amazing!

    Published 5.7.13 Reply
  38. Jamie Rose commented:

    I subscribe and like already! I love #1. So perfect for summer.

    Published 5.8.13 Reply
  39. Melissa Rubio commented:

    #1 is so chic:)

    Published 5.8.13 Reply
  40. Sherry Hall commented:

    LOVE #4!! Updated Cargo Chic! I like how updated it is by being sleeveless!
    Have never seen Cargo attire w/color added! Usually Cargo gear is all 1 color.
    The “blast of bright” has my attention! Makes me want to shorten the few Cargo pants I have &add a color band hem! If i already had a Cargo dress, I’d do the same. THANX 4 introducing us ALWAYS to the latest&greatest!

    Published 5.9.13 Reply
  41. karen morse commented:

    Loving all the dresses, but #3 is my fave!!

    Published 5.10.13 Reply
  42. Seepz commented:

    Love #4. Great Giveaway & I am a fan of your trend guides.

    Published 5.10.13 Reply
  43. Danielle Maksimow commented:

    I love dress #4!

    Published 5.10.13 Reply
  44. Marina commented:

    #1 pretty please!!

    Published 5.10.13 Reply
  45. Lisa commented:

    Wow, they are all so cute! But I think number 5 would suit me the best. Thanks for the opp!

    Published 5.10.13 Reply
  46. jules mcnubbin commented:

    i like dress #4

    Published 10.30.13 Reply

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