May 20, 2016

Getting Bikini Ready With Hot Pilates

Sydne Style wears Alo yoga white mesh stirrup leggings for workout fashion trendsI’ve been getting a lot of questions about my workout routine lately. So considering it’s now bikini season, I wanted to start a new Fitness Friday column. Let me know what type of fitness questions you have and I’ll make sure to answer them in upcoming weeks! Today, I wanted to introduce you to my current obsession: Hot Pilates.

In the beginning of the year, I set a New Year’s resolution to workout at least three times a week. To some that doesn’t sound like much but I wanted a realistic goal. Since my old barre studio closed I signed up for Class Pass to try different workouts. After my first class at Hot Pilates I was hooked. I now do my three workouts a week (and sometimes more!) at the West Hollywood studio.

Here’s a rundown of my favorite parts about the workout:

It’s hot but not too hot.

I tried hot yoga once and wanted to pass out. So I was initially nervous about the thought of hot pilates. But the temperature is set to a more moderate 95 degrees, which guarantees a sweat without the dizzy feeling. I now look forward to the heat because it helps my muscles stretch and I feel like every class gives me a mini detox.

There’s a variety of classes.

I get bored very easily. What I love about Hot Pilates is there is a variety of classes to choose from. My favorites are the classic Hot Pilates with owner Shannon Nadj to get my abs in shape, Yoga-lates with Arielle McFadden to clear my mind and get spiritually motivated and Pilates Booty with Shannon or Cindy Leos for a tighter butt. I also recently tried Caitlin Gold’s Pilates Barre and was so sore!

The music majorly motivates.

Music can make or break a workout. Shannon has the best mixes with everything from Kanye and Rihanna to Major Lazer.

There are no machines.

Machines scare me. These classes only use your own body for resistance, as well as light weights and the magic circle.


Ok, this is probably because I’m a dog lover but I can’t help but smile when I’m greeted by Shannon’s pup, Biggie, as I walk into to the studio. If you follow me on Snapchat (I’m @sydnesummer) you’ve probably seen him time and again!

Click here to learn more about Hot Pilates and make sure to leave your questions for upcoming Fitness Friday columns!

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Top: Alo Yoga
Leggings: Alo Yoga
Nails: Essie “Private Weekend”


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