September 30, 2017

6 Ways to Wear Pink for Fall + a Breast Cancer Survivor

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Pink is one of Fall’s biggest color trends. We chatted about it a bit in my Fall Trend Guide but in today’s Saturday Six I wanted to bring you more fall outfit ideas from some of my fave fashion bloggers. My favorite part about pink? The color works year-round!

Pink outfits by: Kelly GoLightly I Gal Meets Glam I Carrie Bradshaw Lied I M Loves M I Late Afternoon 

Tomorrow also kicks off Breast Cancer Awareness month. So it’s the perfect time to show your support by wearing pink. My cousin, Alyse, who has shot many of my fashion photos in Miami, is one of the most inspirational women I now. After being diagnosed with breast cancer, she shared her journey on Instagram (you can follow her at @alyseds). After completing her chemo, she did a photo shoot wearing pink wigs with her daughters, Emma and Zoe. I’ve never met a person with more positivity, especially during a difficult time. So I wanted to share one of the excerpts from her social media…

Sydne Style shares a breast cancer survivor story with pink wigs

A Breast Cancer Survivor’s Story

I WAS a Cancer Patient.

For the past nine months, I have gone through a long and difficult journey, and today is my last treatment.

On Dec 2, I was diagnosed with Aggressive Stage 3 Breast Cancer. It was a complete shock, especially after my mammogram, ultrasound & MRI all said my mass was just “dense tissue”. I wanted to document part of my journey from surgery, through 16 rounds of chemotherapy and 28 rounds of radiation to raise awareness. Besides encouraging others to get tested, I received so much love & support, I couldn’t believe it.

Here are a few things I learned along the way:

  • The CANCER diagnosis is probably one of the scariest diagnosis to hear.
  • Chemotherapy does live up to its bad reputation, although there are helpful medications available
  • Exercise during treatment, let alone moving your body at all, requires more energy then you can imagine
  • Radiation burns are not like sunburns, they’re way worse
  • People really do want to be there for you for help & support. You just have to say yes & let them
  • Make sure to do something new & enjoy your life just a little bit more each day
  • Most importantly, you can do anything you put your mind to, ANYTHING, and you can keep going, even at your lowest point

Before Dec. 2, 2016, I was Alyse Siegel Chin, then I was a cancer patient. I’m happy to report that I’m back to being Alyse Siegel Chin & I won’t allow cancer to come back & take that away from me again!

Be aware, get checked & take care of yourself.


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