March 21, 2018

Learning About My Favorite Scents for National Fragrance Day

Sydne Style rounds up the best rose perfume for national fragrance dayDo you have a signature scent? For years, my signature scent was roses. I would spray rose perfume whenever I walked out the door. I’d light my home with rose candles. While I still love the soft sweet smell of roses, I’ve added another scent into my life: sandalwood.

Sandalwood has an earthier smell, and I find it to be very calming. I now alternate between three perfumes I keep on my vanity table depending on my mood.

My Three Favorite Perfumes


Roses are symbolic of miracles and angels. Throughout history, the rose scent has been a spiritual connection to blessings entering your life.

In honor of National Fragrance Day, I did some research on the meaning behind my two favorite to understand their meaning.

Sandalwood is also a historical scent. It was used in sacred rituals of various religions, thought to alleviate depression and anxiety.

My favorite part about playing with different fragrances is how they make me feel. And after learning more about my favorite scents, I found the meanings quite fitting. In the mornings, I reach forΒ Philosophy Amazing Grace Ballet Rose. It’s a very subtle floral scent, making it perfect for daytime. It makes me feel feminine and hopeful.

Le Labo also has a rose perfume that I love. It’s a bit muskier so I prefer to wear it an night. I often mix it with Le Labo Santal, which is a sandalwood perfume. I find the two together are the perfect going out mixture: a bit soft, a bit mysterious. Before I go to bed, I’ll spray a bit of Santal on my neck for a calming effect.

What scents make you feel like the best version of yourself?



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