June 5, 2018

Quotes to Remember From Kate Spade

Sydne Style shares inspirational quotes in memory of kate spadeI’m so saddened by today’s tragic news about Kate Spade. The American designer always exuded hope and inspiration to me with her colorful clothing, whimsical words and uplifting attitude. I could not believe when I read that she had committed suicide at 55. What hit home even more was that she left behind her 13-year-old daughter, Frances.

When I was 13 my dad committed suicide. It is the hardest thing I’ve ever had to deal with, and still effects me to this day. Last year, in honor of Mental Health Awareness month, I opened up about my depression and thanks to the support I received, I was even able to talk about my father’s suicide.

My heart goes out to Kate Spade’s friends and family. In honor of her life, I wanted to round up some of my favorite Kate Spade quotes that have always inspired me….

On embracing childlike innocence

Sydne Style rounds up the best kate spade quotes about dress up

On making a positive impression

Sydne Style rounds up the best kate spade quotes with sparkle

On celebrating everything, big and small

Sydne Style rounds up the best kate spade quotes about champagne

On always choosing happiness

Sydne Style rounds up the best kate spade quotes about being happy

I hope today’s tragic news can be a little reminder for us all that you never know what anyone is dealing with. I know that today I’m reminded to treat everyone with extra love and compassion.


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    Thank you for sharing, these are very valuable words, make you think. Each of us has important quotes that have a special meaning for you. I also found a great response in these quotes

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