January 16, 2022

How to Make a Vision Board Online to Manifest Your Dreams

Sydne Style shows how to create a vision board online

For the past five years, I’ve kicked off the New Year by creating a vision board (well except last year, because I was going through some stuff). Sometimes I’ll make one on my own and other times I’ll host a vision board party. There’s no vision board template that I use. But I’ve learned a few tips over the years on how to make a vision board of your dreams.

For 2022, I decided to go digital. As much as I love going through magazines, I just did not have the energy this time (thanks Covid!). So instead, I put on my blue light glasses and spent the weekend looking up images on my phone to create a digital vision board.

How to make a vision board online

An online vision board is much easier to create than a traditional vision board: a) You don’t need any materials aside from your phone or computer and b) You can search for specific images quickly versus spending hours flipping through magazines. There are vision board apps you can use. But honestly, it’s so simple (and I find more creative!) to do it on your own. Here’s how I did mine:

Set the space

Pick a seat that feels very comfortable. Turn on some relaxing or inspiring music. Light your favorite candle. And, if you can, turn on your “Do Not Disturb” on your phone.

Pick a Timeframe

This is one mistake I’ve made in the past. All my previous vision boards had no end date. This time, I got super specific and decided everything I’m manifesting is for 2022. You can get even more specific and make a vision board for the next 6 months or broader for the next 5 years. Whatever you decide, just pick a timeframe.

Set Your Categories

It’s much easier to organize your thoughts (and images!) when you divide up what you want to manifest into separate categories. For example, maybe this year you want to focus on career, love and travel or maybe it’s a new home, finances and hobbies. Before you start, make sure to think about your different categories and if it helps, write them down. I’m sharing mine in detail below (I made a lot!) for some ideas.

Get specific

The more specific you are with your images, the better. For example, lets say you want to get engaged this year. Don’t put any engagement ring. Find one as close to the one you could imagine your partner putting on your finger. Or maybe you want to buy a new home this year. Search for an image of a style house that you can picture walking into every day.

Search, Screenshot and Save

I did my digital vision board on my phone, since it’s the device I look at the most. I started searching by each category. I did it directly in Google Images but you could also utilize Pinterest if that’s more your jam. 

Every time you find an image that speaks to you, simply screenshot it. When you’re done, select all the images and add them to a new folder on your phone. I labeled mine 2022 Vision Board. This way, you can easily access it throughout the year. 

If you’re a perfectionist like me, you can crop all the images to the same size to make everything uniform. Obviously this step is not necessary. 

And there you have it! How to create a vision board online. It might seem like a lot but I wanted to get really specific with you. I promise it’s a super relaxing activity to do at home. And even though I’m sharing mine with you, there’s no need for anyone else to partake in your 2022 manifestation. Feel free to keep it to yourself. Remember, this is all about you and what you want in life.

Category examples in detail

Not sure where to get started with categories? I’m sharing mine (all 7 of them!) to help you get started. If you have any questions, feel free to comment below or shoot me a DM on Instagram at @sydnesummer.


I experienced a lot of creative funks last year. So this year I want to focus on activities that fuel my brain, like writing and painting.

Some search terms I used for this category:


  • painter fashion editorial
  • pretty art studio
  • female writer pictures


I finally found a man I feel truly happy with. So this year, I really want to focus on growing that relationship. I thought about different ways I want to feel in a partnership and used those as a base for my search terms. And, as I’m sure you can tell with the photo, I added in something about an engagement. Ok, a very specific something: a yellow diamond engagement ring. It’s not the exact one I want but the image gave me all the feelings I was looking for.

Some search terms I used for this category:


  • romantic couple on beach
  • romantic couple reading
  • yellow diamond engagement ring on hand


self love

As most of you know, I post daily quotes on my Insta Stories. While almost all of them speak to me, I wanted to get super specific on the theme I wanted to work on this year. For me, it’s believing in myself. I lost my self confidence somewhere along the way these past couple of years and I want to rebuild it.

Some search terms I used for this category:


  • self confidence quotes
  • female empowerment quotes
  • believe in yourself quotes

friends & family

Towards the second half of last year, I really focused on my friendships and spent a lot of quality time with my parents. I want to continue to grow and nurture these important relationships this year.


Some search terms I used for this category:


  • fashion editorial women smiling
  • friends at spa
  • eating outside together

health & wellness

I usually have some goal or intention every year to work out 2-3 time/week. This year, I didn’t set any. Instead I want to focus on my health and wellness as a whole. I manifested feeling a sense of freedom within myself, feeling good about skin and, of course, getting back into pilates.


Some search terms I used for this category:


  • girl meditating outside
  • face oil on glowy skin
  • pilates reformer exercises

volunteer work

I started volunteering at my local animal shelter last summer. It’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Yes, it’s hard and heartbreaking. But it is so rewarding to be able to give back in person. I want to continue to grow that this year.


Some search terms I used for this category:


  • woman with lots of dogs
  • woman walking lots of dogs
  • pitbulls and babies


Travel used to take up a huge portion of my vision boards. But this year, I realized it was the least important. Sure, I love traveling. But I realized that for many years, I used travel as a way to escape life. So instead of being gone for half of the year, I want to do fewer trips that are more meaningful.


Some search terms I used for this category:


  • British Virgin Islands
  • caves at Virgin Gorda
  • romantic couple in New York

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    Thank you. This is a great idea for me. I will make a vision board for myself.
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