February 20, 2022

13 Beach Vacation Beauty Products I Swear By For Daytime

Sydne Style shares the best beach vacation essentials with cerave facial cleanser and skinceuticals serum

Ask anyone who knows me and they’ll immediately tell you that my favorite vacations are beach vacations. Between being a Pisces and growing up in Miami, I’ve always been drawn to the water. The ocean is my happy place! So over the years, lets just say I’ve tried out more than my fair share of beach vacation beauty products. Here are the ones I brought with me to my Caribbean trip last month… and what I’ll be packing for my birthday trip in Miami next mont.

Face Prep

CeraVe Hydrating Facial Cleanser, $14.99

My skin can get a little sensitive when I’m in the sun all day. So I like to use a gentle cleanser that won’t dry out my skin, like my exfoliating cleanser can sometimes do. I love that this one has hyaluronic acid, which majorly helps increase skin moisture.


Antioxidants majorly help skin exposed to the sun by providing an extra barrier. This serum blends Vitamin C (a major sun-damage protectant) with phloretin and Ferulic acid. It’s very similar to the very popular SkinCeuticals C E Feurlic serum. But I prefer this one, because my skin is on the oilier side.


I like to seal my vitamin C with this gel, which binds moisture to the skin. It has a high concentration of hyaluronic acid, which really helps hydrate the skin.


This is my favorite eye cream to use during the day. Because like the name says, it really does brighten under your eyes! It also helps with puffiness, which helps me on beach vacations the morning after a few skinny margaritas.

Sydne Style shares the best beach vacation essentials with face sunscreens from peter thomas roth max mineral and bondi sands spf 50

face sunscreen

peter thomas roth max mineral tinted sunscreen spf 45, $34

This is the first sunscreen I apply in the morning when I’m on vacation. It’s lightweight and very lightly tinted, which helps even out my redness from being in the sun. It’s also vitamin packed, making me skin even more hydrated so I can glow without any highlighter.

BONDI SANDS SPF 50 Fragrance Free Face Sunscreen Lotion, $10

I pack this sunscreen in my beach bag to share with my boyfriend. It goes on super silky and never leaves any white cast. Plus, the price is great. I don’t know about the men in your life, but the men in mine always squeeze out so much product!


This is the perfect sunscreen for when I’m on the go. It fits into the smallest of bags or into the back pocket of my denim shorts. The stick makes it super fast and easy to apply and it always goes on clear. Mine is from their collab with Tory Burch. But it’s the same as their classic blue stick, just with different packaging.

Sydne Style shows how to protect a scar from the sun with sun bum mineral sunscreen and scaraway gel

scar protection

Scaraway SCAR TREATMENT GEL, $11.99

I’ve been clumsy my whole life. So I’m used to having cuts and scrapes that I need to protect from the sun to prevent scarring. Before I got to bed, I use the gel from Vitamin E capsules. But it’s way too sticky for daytime. Instead I protect my injuries with this silicone gel. The roller ball makes it very easy to apply, especially in hard to reach places like the new scars on the back of my arm. And it dries super quickly.


When I asked my best friend and beauty expert, Jeannine, about the best sunscreen out right now to use over my scars this was one of her recommendations. Why? It’s a mineral sunscreen with a zinc formula. It goes on a bit thicker than the face sunscreens I generally use. So it was perfect for covering up my new scars, especially when applied liberally.

Sydne Style shares the best beach vacation essentials with supergoop play lip balm and fresh sugar spf

lip spf


This has been my favorite tinted spf for my lips for years. It goes on insanely smooth and leaves my lips hydrated for hours. For my most recent beach vacation I went with Petal, which is a bold sheer pink. But when I want more subtle color, I use the Rose.


I use this balm when I don’t want any color on my lips. It’s very hydrating and I like the fresh scent and taste of the subtle mint.

Sydne Style shares the best beach vacation essentials with coola spf and unite dry spray

protective sprays


When it comes to SPF for my body, I’ve always preferred sprays. I just find them easier to reapply when you’re at the pool or beach. This one is definitely on the pricier side but I like how the added antioxidants leave my body feeling hydrated when I’m in the sun. Plus, the applicator delivers a finer mist that I find applies more evenly.


This is my new favorite dry shampoo because it almost feels like a shampoo and conditioner. Unlike other sprays that I’ve found to sometimes dry out my hair, this one leaves my locks very soft. Plus, it has UV protection, which helps my highlights from turning brassy in the sun.

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