May 13, 2020

Where to Find Cute Blue Light Glasses

Sydne Style shows the best blue light glasses for women online

I knew I had been on my phone a lot more during lockdown. But it wasn’t until last week that I realized exactly how much more. My darling iPhone alerted me that my screen time was up by 80%!!! I had a momentary freak out and since then have been trying to be on my phone less. I’m swapping most FaceTimes for good ‘ol fashioned phone calls. But I still am scrolling through Instagram double the amount that I used to. Hey, it’s about progress not perfection, right?

One thing I have been very diligent about though, is wearing my cute blue light glasses. I’ve had these tortoise shell blue light glasses ($25) for a while now. After my concussion, I could not look at a screen without getting a splitting headache. My doctor recommended blue light glasses to help ease the strain on my eyes. While I still get headaches, the glasses definitely minimize the intensity.

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What are blue light glasses?

Blue light blocking glasses help minimize eye strain from digital devices. They’re made with a material that helps filter blue light you see from your phone, computer or TV.

Do Blue Light Glasses work?

Obviously I’m not a doctor. So please note that this is just my personal experience. But I have found that blue light glasses 100% work. I get less headaches when I wear them. And if I do get a headache the pain is more manageable.

Since I’m not normally a glasses wearer, I’m also more aware of how long I’m on a screen. Even though my blue light glasses are very lightweight, I obviously know that they’re on my face. So it sometimes reminds me that hey girl, you’ve been on your computer way too long now without a break!

What type of blue light glasses do I order?

If you have 20/20 vision, order blue light blocking glasses with 0 magnification. Otherwise, order the magnification strength that you would normally get for reading glasses. If you order prescription glasses, there is usually a blue light option. So I definitely recommending adding that on if you have the choice.

I hope this helps you if you’re thinking about trying a pair of blue light glasses! And if you are getting headaches from too much screen time, something else that has majorly helped me is turning the brightness down on my computer, phone and even TV. Just having it a bit darker feels less straining on the eyes.

There are also bunch of tips online on how to help minimize digital eye strain. I personally like to read trusted resources like the American Optometric Association, who recommends a 20-20-20 routine: take a 20 second break every 20 minutes and look at something 20 feet away. I wish I could say I did this every 20 minutes. For me it’s been more like every 2 hours. But hey, like I said before, it’s all about progress, not perfection.

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