October 23, 2022

Pregnant Halloween Costume Ideas: Disco Ball Baby

Sydne Style shows cute Halloween costume ideas in disco ball baby

As many of you know, Halloween is my favorite holiday. When I found out I was pregnant, I immediately started pinning pregnant Halloween costume ideas to my Pinterest board. I planned on creating a bunch of pregnancy friendly costumes and shooting them in early October. When my situation changed, I had to pull back on lots of things and no longer had the time to do all the fun things I planned. But I still wanted to celebrate with baby and the boys. Since my baby has been kicking up a storm for weeks now, I thought he might want to have a dance party. So I turned him into a disco ball baby, dressed up in a Studio 54 inspired outfit and brought Jack Jack and Chubbs out to boogie.

When it comes to pregnant Halloween costume ideas, this one is pretty easy to make! I simply bought a sparkly crop top and bell bottom pant set and wore it with this sequin tube top over my belly.

Disco Ball Costume Outfit

Then I just played around with sparkly makeup I already had. For eyes, I mostly used Nars eyeshadow in Lunar, Mary Kay Liquid Eyeshadow (it was limited edition but here’s a similar one) and the purple and pink eyeshadow in my Urban Decay Wired palette. Then I brought out my rhinestone gem stickers to create an extra sparkly disco makeup look.

Disco Hair & Makeup Products

Sydne Style shows disco halloween costume ideas with dogs costumes

As for the boys? They borrowed some beads and star sunglasses from their uncles @pawsreports. Chubbs was totally digging his 70s dog Halloween costume. JJ? Not so much. But luckily he was a good sport about it for baby. We hope you have a fabulous Halloween!

Sydne Style shows cute halloween costume ideas with dogs for disco party
Sydne Style shows maternity Halloween costume ideas with disco ball outfit
Sydne Style shows how to dress up dogs for Halloween in disco outfit
Photos by Rachel of Shot By Lovely

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