April 13, 2019

Do High Waisted Bikinis Really Hide Love Handles?

If you’ve been bathing suit shopping recently, I’m sure you’ve noticed the high waisted bathing suit trend. It’s everywhere! A bunch of my friends who just had babies have been rejoicing since high waisted bottoms are great for hiding your belly. But do high waisted bikinis really hide love handles?

My answer? Not really.

Thanks to doing hot pilates at least three times a week, I’m relatively happy about my body for bikini season. But no matter how much I work out, I have love handles that have not left me alone since I turned 30. I’ve finally accepted them and have just decided to style myself in a way that hides the extra “love” they give me.

Sydne Style wears aerie high waist bikini for swimsuit trends

I generally opt for bikini bottoms with adjustable ties to avoid any bulge in the hip area. But given all the hype about high waisted bikini bottoms, I decided to give the bathing suit trend a try.

The first few high waisted bottoms I tried on were horrible. They had fuller coverage (which I usually prefer in a bikini bottom). But the coverage with higher rise just made my love handles look like sausages on my hips. I immediately returned them.

The next few cheekier cut high waisted bottoms I tried were a little better. At least my love handles were no longer packed into fabric. But my eyes still went right to where I feel the least confident. In no way did they conceal my love handles.

Sydne Style shows the best neon bikinis for summer swimsuit trends

I finally decided on this Aerie high waist bikini bottom ($9.98) and matching bikini top ($15.98). I was mostly drawn the color since I’m loving the neon trend in swimwear. I do like the way it feels to sit in a high waisted bikini. You don’t have to worry about any belly rolls or bloat. But to be honest, one high waisted bikini is enough for me. They’re great if you want to hide your belly. But if you have love handles, no matter how big or small the love, they aren’t your summer bestie.

Don’t have love handles? Lucky you! These high waisted bikinis are so cute, and great for covering up your midsection…

Sydne Style wears aerie high waist bikini for summer swimsuit trends in neon
Sydne Style wears aerie neon bikini for summer swimsuit trends


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