January 20, 2020

5 Things I’m Loving Right Now // No. 9

Sydne Style revies the best silk scrunchies with slipsilk hair ties

This past week I’ve been a mix of go, go, go and major homebody. Hey, I did say this year was all about balance, right? For days on the go, I’m loving comfy flats and moisturizing sunscreen. And for days at home with Jack Jack it’s all about books and binge-worth TV. So here are some of my faves this week…


#1: Scrunchie love

Nine times out of ten, when I’m home you’ll find me with my hair in a bun or a low ponytail. I don’t like having my hair in my face when I’m working. But I also don’t like getting creases in my hair. That’s why I was thrilled to discover Slipsilk hair ties.

I’m a huge fan of their silky pillows because it ensures no face creasing when I sleep. And the scrunchies have the same magic!

They come in packs of three in various color combos.

Slip for beauty sleep Slipsilk hair ties, ($39 for 3-pack)

#2: chic flats

It’s always been harder for me to find comfortable flats. I have a much easier time with heels and boots so I rarely wear flats unless they’re a slip on or a sneaker. But I’m in love with these new Talbots flats.

Unlike most flats, they don’t rub against the back of my foot. And even the toe is pointed, there’s enough room so toes don’t get squished.

I love the classic tan, black and white combo. But they also come in  red.

Talbots Edison Buckle Flats, ($129)

#3: silky sunscreen

You might be thinking, why are we talking about sunscreen in winter? But sunscreen is important to wear every single day. That being said, I hate feeling like I’m wearing sunscreen. That’s why I was thrilled to discover Elizabeth Arden’s SPF moisturizer ($42).

When I say it feels like silk when you apply it, I’m not exaggerating. It instantly blends into your skin, feeling more like a serum than a moisturizer. It’s also really hydrating, making it perfect for applying before makeup.

Elizabeth Arden Great 8 Daily Defense Moisturizer Broad Spectrum Sunscreen SPF 35, ($42)

#4: happy days

After reading quotes from my Everyday Mindfulnesbook for a year, I was thrilled to receive the update version from one of my #ssInstaFam babes.

Everyday Happiness, 365 Days to a Joyful Life is a book filled with motivational quotes and exercises to help guide you on a path to joy. I now swap between the two when posting quotes of inspiration to my Insta Stories every morning.

Everyday Happiness, ($13.51)

#5: true crime

I had never heard the story behind Dirty John, which made my Netflix and chill nights that much more exciting. It’s a true story of a seemingly charming doctor who seduces a successful woman after meeting her through online dating. Her life begins to unravel as she falls for the conman.

After I finished every episode, I thought the same question, “how on earth did this actually happen?!”

Dirty JohnNetflix






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