January 18, 2020

How to Set Goals for 2020

Sydne style shares how to set goals for 2020

Last weekend, my friend Courtney put together a 2020 Goal Setting brunch. She invited a diverse group of women and created worksheets for us to fill out at brunch. After we wrote down our goals, we read them out loud over avocado toast and rosé. I left feeling so inspired that I immediately came home to write this blog post on how to set goals.

Courtney did such a great job breaking down goals into four categories: personal, professional, financial and self care. She actually does all the SEO for Sydne Style so this is basically a guest blog post from her! I wanted to share her worksheet so you can do your own goal setting at home. I included one example of each of mine to get you started…

2020 Goal Setting

What are your goals?

Top 3 Personal Goals:

Example: Focus on fulfillment over success.


Top 3 Professional Goals:

Example: Grow more long-term partnerships.


Top 3 Financial Goals:

Example: Cut back on frivolous spending.


Top 3 Self-Care Goals:

Example: Listen to my body.


How are you going to achieve your goals?

3 Ways to Reach My Personal Goals:

Example: Save messages I get on how I’ve helped others and read those messages daily.


3 Ways to Reach My Professional Goals:

Example: Schedule a networking coffee or drinks three times a month.


3 Ways to Reach My Financial Goals:

Example: Delete Postmates and Doordash from my phone and stock up on healthy snacks at home.


3 Ways to Reach My Self-Care Goals:

Example: Block out “me-time” in my calendar and treat it like a meeting I can’t miss.

You can definitely do this exercise at home. But I do encourage you do it with others because I got so much out of sharing my goals and hearing other people’s goals. You don’t have to do a brunch like we did. You could invite a few friends over for wine and snacks and ask them each to bring a friend.

It was so beneficial to meet women from all different professions. We were all able to help each other with our strengths. One woman knew a great app that helps with budgeting. Another had a podcast she recommended to help learn about financials. When women come together, we really can all support each other.

“Behind every successful woman,
is a tribe of other successful women,
who have her back.”

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  1. Melody commented:

    I love this idea Sydne!!!! And what better way than to gather your girls and set some goals:)

    Published 1.22.20 Reply

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