January 16, 2020

Colorful Sweaters to Beat the Winter Blues

Sydne Style shows classic outfit ideas in navy trench coat purple sweater and dark skinny jeans

If you’re like me, you tend to wear a lot of black during winter. Anytime I pack for my cold-weather New York trips, I find myself reaching for all the black in my wardrobe. But as chic as black is, it does nothing for me with brightening my mood.

Sometimes after the holidays, I get into a little funk. It hasn’t been too bad this year, thankfully, but in past years it majorly hit me. I wrote a whole blog post on four ways to get out of a funk. Another thing that can help with moody blues? Cheerful colors! And I find the easiest way to do this during winter is with a colorful sweater.

Whether it’s purple, like my purple turtleneck sweater, or any other color of the rainbow, a colorful piece of clothing can instantly elevate your mood. You can pair a sweater with your black pants or pencil skirt for work. Or wear it with jeans over the weekend. I made my skinny jeans and sweater combo a little fancier with suede pumps and a faux leather trench coat. It’s unfortunately sold out but I love this patent leather version and tan leather trench.

Pick a sweater in a super soft material and you’ll increase all the fuzzy feels! Here are some colorful sweaters I’m loving right now in all of the cheerful hues:

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Need some more outfit ideas on how to wear colorful sweaters? Check out these posts!

Did you know you can also always search my outfits by type of clothing? Just head to my Outfits page and use the search function to categorize by key piece. If there are any key pieces you want to see more of this year just let me know!

Sydne Style shows colorful winter fashion in purple sweater and skinny jeans


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