May 5, 2020

Fun Zoom Happy Hour Theme Ideas

Sydne Style shows how to dress up like Breakfast at Tiffanys for costume party

One of the hardest parts about staying at home is not getting to see my friends. I’ve been relying on FaceTime and Zoom to keep in touch. One of my friend groups, An, Sheryl, Kelly and I decided to have a weekly Monday Zoom happy hour. At 4pm every Monday, we pour a glass of wine at home and share stories, new home discoveries and, of course, our dogs!

It’s not the same as getting to see them in real life, but it really helps start my week off in a positive note. To make the happy hours even more fun, we pick weekly themes. It’s fun to have an excuse to dress up. I highly recommend it!

fun Zoom happy hour theme ideas that we’ve done so far

breakfast at tiffany’s

Sydne Style shows how to have a theme zoom party with breakfast at tiffanys theme

We actually did a Breakfast at Tiffany’s theme party twice. The first was in honor of Kelly’s birthday since she’s the modern day Audrey Hepburn. We picked the scene where Holly GoLightly wears an oversize shirt, sleep mask and tassel ear plugs since it really works for comfy stay at home attire.

What we wore

Sydne Style shows fun zoom theme happy hour ideas with breakfast at tiffanys

We revisited the theme a couple of weeks later in honor of Audrey Hepburn’s birthday. This time, we went with the iconic little black dress and pearls look from the movie. Since I was working from home all day, I wore a comfy black maxi dress instead of a LBD. Now that it’s hot in LA, loose maxi dresses have been my go-to choice for loungewear.

I wore makeup, because I woke up in a bad mood and it helped me feel a little better. But this theme is perfect if you want to skip makeup for your Zoom call. You just throw on oversize black sunglasses!


pink party

Sydne Style shows how to have a theme zoom party with mean girls theme in pink

Since An’s favorite color is pink, we celebrated her birthday with a pink party. I was thrilled when she said she wanted to go makeup free for her birthday since I’m only wearing makeup a few times a week while working from home. We all put on comfy pink loungewear and robes to toast the birthday girl. If you like Mean Girls, this would also be a great theme if you’re doing a Zoom happy hour on a Wednesday: “On Wednesdays we wear pink.”

What we wore

Now the big question is what theme do we choose for next week’s happy hour? I’ve been referring to my May National Day calendar but if you have any fun Zoom happy hour theme ideas let me know! And if you get inspired by any of these themes I’d love to see how you dress up with your friends! Just tag @sydnesummer #ssInstaFam on Instagram and I’ll repost your look to my stories. Cheers!


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    So cute, I’m obsessed! I’m going to do this with my friends!

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    you are so beautiful.

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