March 10, 2021

4 Ways to Make Your Eyes Less Puffy

Sydne Style reviews the best ice roller to decrease eye puffiness

I don’t know about you but I get the worst seasonal allergies. Even if I sleep for eight hours, my eyes will get majorly puffy during allergy season. It’s been really windy in LA, which means my allergies have been off the charts. So I’ve been using every trick in the book to make my eyes less puffy. I learned some of these tips through my dermatologist, Dr. Jessica Wu. Others I’ve discovered through my own research over the years. I hope these beauty hacks help you in case you get puffy eyes, too!

1. Sleep at a diagonal

“Sleeping on a pillow at a diagonal helps drain the fluid that collects under and around your eyes overnight,” Dr. Wu explains. After she recommended this I simply put a second pillow under my Night pillow to create the diagonal shape. I wish I could sleep on my back, since that’s the best to decrease puffiness. But just switching the angle of my pillow while sleeping on my side majorly helped.

2. Try Allergy Meds

It seems like a no brainer, but I honestly didn’t think of taking allergy medications until Dr. Wu suggested trying Allegra. “Allergy medication helps shrink swollen tissues caused by allergies to pets, dust, pollen, pollution, or anything else floating around in the air,” she explained.

I also use an allergy pillow protector. I tried an allergy pillowcase before. But it was very rough and I prefer sleeping on my silk pillowcase (use SYDNE20 for 20% off). So I use a pillowcase protector as a barrier underneath my silk pillowcase. It zips up and you don’t even feel it’s there!

3. Keep it cold

Cold is key for decreasing puffiness. Dr. Wu recommends cold green tea bags. “They contain caffeine, which decongests, as well as antioxidants to strengthen delicate eyelid skin,” she says. I also like to keep my eye patches in the refrigerator. I’ve been doing this for years and it makes them work so much better when they’re cold! I especially love refrigerated Peter Thomas Roth cucumber gel patches when I’m targeting puffiness.

4. Roll it Out

I’ve talked about my ice roller before. It’s pure magic. It helps with my headaches and makes my skin look better. For puffiness specifically, rolling out your face is a lymphatic drainage technique that really works. Here’s a youtube tutorial that helped me learn how to do it. She uses a jade roller but the technique is the same. While a jade or crystal roller is great for drainage, I find an ice roller to be most effective with puffiness. I also leave the roller just under my eyes for a few seconds after rolling out my face.

Do you have any beauty hacks for decreasing puffy eyes? I’d love to hear them!

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  1. Zia commented:

    I have the worst allergies right now & yes super puffy eyes! Thanks for the tips xo -Zia

    Published 3.12.21 Reply
  2. blosumcbd commented:

    Hello! Very cool article. I’ve had a problem with dark circles under my eyes all my life and I just don’t know what to do with them. I sleep well, I have excellent nutrition, I go in for sports and still I have problems with these circles under my eyes, I have not yet heard of such devices that you are talking about here and I think that I will try it and I will hope that it will help me. Thank you very much for writing this article, it was interesting to read!

    Published 3.15.21 Reply
  3. saree commented:

    Nice tips. I use cucumber on eyes sometime. I haven’t tried any other things yet. Good idea.

    Published 6.10.21 Reply
  4. Elisa commented:

    Thanks for your advice, you look great as always! What do you think of services like my skin doesn’t look as good as it used to and I’m thinking about a little rejuvenation

    Published 7.12.21 Reply
  5. Sarah Humphries commented:

    Wonderful blog, i found you by searching for some preppy jeans! I’m from m the UK, learnt some great tips in literally 2 minutes!!

    Thank you

    Sarah x

    Published 7.20.21 Reply
  6. reshine hair commented:

    hi how old did you strat to use the Eye cream?

    Published 10.27.21 Reply
  7. Veronika commented:

    Thank you for sharing your experience. At any age, it is very important to feel healthy and attractive. Each of us has our own beauty secrets for this. You can always find help for this purpose here

    Published 11.26.21 Reply
  8. Got Omnia commented:

    wow i really need a post like this

    Published 3.15.22 Reply
  9. Bruna Mars commented:

    Some men really hate puffy eyes. When I lived in Korea I had to do plastic surgery for my eyelids to look more flat. Fortunately I moved to the U.S. after a while and all I need now is click here to date a man. The choice of candidates is very big, so I wish I kept my appearence intact. If someone dislikes puffy eyes, he may go to hell as I will always find a replacement.

    Published 4.18.22 Reply
  10. Olivia commented:

    An excellent tool to tone the skin of the face. I recently read the article I have some tips that might help you as well

    Published 4.25.22 Reply
  11. Skinly commented:

    Very Helpful! Thank you

    Published 5.24.22 Reply

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