June 24, 2009

One Plastic Sonia Rykiel Belt, Michelle Obama’s 3 Looks

Michelle Obama Wears A Plastic Belt

Michelle Obama‘s plastic Sonia Rykiel belt made yet another appearance this week when the first lady spoke at the Business and Nonprofit Philanthropy Summit. Gotta love how she recylces those belts! But I must say I’m surprised that more designers have not knocked off this accessory. I’ve seen many plastic belts over the past few months, but they all have colored piping. I really love the way the way a plastic belt cinches the waist without breaking up the body so I just ordered a clear jelly belt strap from eBay and I’m going to attempt a DIY project. I’ll let you know how it goes!

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  1. Sal commented:

    That really is a fun, versatile belt. No wonder she’s gotten so much use out of it!

    Published 6.24.09 Reply
  2. pinktulip commented:

    Could you do a segment on what bags you pair with the outfits you create? Sometimes that gets confusing. Also, what sites/stores you love to find deals at? Thanks ;))

    Published 6.24.09 Reply
    • Sydne commented:

      No problem. Do you have any specific outfits in mind?

      Published 6.24.09 Reply
  3. pinktulip commented:

    Let’s see…the floral ruffle tunic pics, the distressed denim pics, the white skinny jeans, etc.
    Also in your twitpic style diary, you have outfits i love but no info on the bags you wear with them…Thanks!

    Published 6.24.09 Reply
  4. ebony commented:

    Hi there! Did you figure out how to DIY this? I’d like to tackle this weekend if possible!

    Published 4.28.10 Reply
  5. Sydne commented:

    Sorry for the delay ebony. I never had time to order a buckle so I did a makeshift DIY that turned out okay, but I wasn’t thrilled with the results. Please share your results if you have better luck!

    Published 5.2.10 Reply

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