April 26, 2010

ttF Fashion Diary: Crystal Clear

ttF Fashion Staples Series Diary: April 26

ttF Fashion Staples Series Diary: Crystal Clear
I went from hot, hot, hot in Miami to quite cold back in LA (for springtime at least). But the weather did give me an excuse to wear my favorite cardigan again. You’d think after wearing this sweater six times in January I’d be sick of it. But I’m not.

Today, I tried belting it Michelle Obama style with PVC. I bought this plastic belt for like $5 on eBay. It didn’t have a buckle and for some reason I thought I’d actually have the time to find a cool buckle and do a little DIY project. Silly me. Instead, I made it work with super glue and scissors. I cut the bottom snaps off the belt, and then cut the plastic so it would fit my waist. Then I super-glued the snaps on to where the plastic covered my belly button. Up close, it’s a pretty shoddy job. But, seriously, who bends down to examine your waist? The only bad part is my make-shift fix is not adjustable. So after lunch, my belt got so tight that one of the snaps started to come off. Luckily, I brought the super glue to work.

American Apparel dress, J. Crew cardigan from January’s ttF Fashion Staples, plastic belt I ordered on eBay, Steve Madden sandals

Fashion Staples Used: Lavender Mini Dress

ttF Fashion Staples Series Diary: April 26

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