September 28, 2011

New Baggage

A new season means it’s time to update your look. You get new highlights, new shoes, new dresses and new accessories. For me, a new season always means a new handbag. Two times a year I splurge on one gorgeous investment piece. It’s an important decision. A handbag can transform an entire look. Plus, it holds everything that’s important to you on a daily basis.

This season, I decided I’ve had enough of excess baggage. Sure, oversize satchels are still in style. But who really needs to carry around all that weight? It’s time to let go. A medium size handbag, like my new navy duffel, holds all my essentials with just enough space for new purchases. The result? No more weighing down your body with unnecessary baggage. It’s time to look toward the future with a fashionable smile.

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  1. John commented:

    Wow, you look hot. Thanks!

    Published 10.26.12 Reply

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