August 15, 2012

Insta-Nails: DIY Nail Art Summer Series

With Fall just around the corner, you probably don’t want to shop for summer trends anymore. But nails are inexpensive way to add seasonal style. Here are some DIY manicures I’ve been rocking recently. Keep reading for tips on recreating the looks and click here for more of my nail art. And don’t forget to follow me on Instagram to see my weekly manis! I’m @sydnesummer

Golden Stars
Paint nails white and add super shine top coat. After they are fully dry, dip a toothpick into the gold polish to paint stars. I waited till the next day to apply another layer of top coat.
Essie “Blanc” and “Good as Gold”

Rainbow Bright
I did this manicure to show my support during PRIDE. Line up your colors in the order you want your rainbow and apply polish.
Zoya “Lara,” RGB “Too Red,” Essie “Fear or Desire,” Sinful Colors “Let’s Meet,” OPI “Jade is the New Black,” Paige “Blue,” Ginger + Liz “Chase Me,” Milani “Rad Purple,” Ginger + Liz “Heart Breaker”

Metallic Ombré
This manicure came as a result of me trying to make my gels last. After 10 days, my gels were starting to grow out. So I applied gold glitter to the bottom, near the nail beds. Then, I applied silver glitter towards the tips. I repeated the process and before the glitter dried, added top coat to blend the two metallics together.
Milani Nail Art “Art of Gold” and “Art of Silver” over gels

Strawberry Fields
Paint your nails red and let dry completely. Use your white polish to create dots for seeds and the leaves. After the white is dry, go over the leaves with green. It makes the color brighter since you’re applying it over red. Let the nails dry completely before applying top coat to avoid smudges.
RGB “Too Red,” OPI “Jade is the New Black,” Milani Nail Art “White Canvas”

American Flag
Paint three nails blue and the rest of your nails red. If you’re right handed, I suggest doing your blue nails on your left hand since the stars are the hardest part (and vice versa). Let dry completely. Use your white polish to create stars and stripes.
RGB “Too Red,” Ginger + Liz “Chase Me,” Milani Nail Art “White Canvas”

French Neon
This is a fun version of the French manicure. I did this a few days after doing a red manicure. My nails were starting to chip a bit at the ends so I simply added neon pink tips. And voila! My manicure was instantly fresh.
OPI “Color So Hot it Berns,” Essie “Pink Parka”

On a side note, as much as I love summer, I am getting pretty excited to add some new fall pieces into my wardrobe. Number one on my wish list? New leather pants. To be animal friendly, and because of the price point, I’m going to go faux with either these by Free People or these by Blank Denim.


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  1. Cat commented:

    Love what you did with your gel nails. I got mine done a week and a half ago and they still look perfect but have of course grown out. I will be adding a ton of glitter when I get home!

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  2. Diane commented:

    I’m always a big fan of essie: gorgeous colours and really durable. Nice to see how inventive you can get with them though!

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  3. Kelly Golightly commented:

    LOVE the strawberries! Might have to try that today.

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