October 3, 2012

Ask Sydne: How to Make a Gel Manicure Last?

I’m usually a DIY girl when it comes to my manicures. I find nail art to be a relaxing, creative outlet. You can check out some of my recent designs here and here. But when I’m going to be out of town for longer than a week I always get a gel manicure. My most recent CND Masquerade mani from New York fashion week lasted me three weeks! My trick involves major sparkle. Here are two ways to do it:

Option #1: Metallic Lining
My gels usually stay in tact. But after two weeks, you start to see nail growth. I simply take a nail art brush (I like Milani) and fill in the space between the gel and my cuticle with glitter. The result? An inverted French manicure.

Option #2: Glitter Ombré
In addition to nail growth by the cuticle, sometimes your gels can start to look a little messy at the tips after week two. That’s where a glitter bomb comes in handy. You can use one bottle of glitter polish. Or do mixed metals by combining silver and gold, like I did when I returned from Hawaii this summer. Simply apply the glitter polish above your cuticle then at your tips. Before letting it dry, add a coat of clear polish for a gradient effect.

What are your tips for making manicures last?

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  1. Laura commented:


    Published 10.3.12 Reply
  2. Cheryl commented:

    I love the gel lining. I work in the hospital so I can only do gel nails and I always get the ‘grow out’ base problem too. The glitter line is such a brilliant idea. Do you use regular polish for that? and do you tend to put a top coat over as well??

    Published 10.5.12 Reply
  3. Sydne commented:

    Thanks! Cheryl, I used regular glitter polish. Mine was Milani Nail Art. You can get it at CVS. And yes, top coat helps seals everything together. Hope that helps!

    Published 10.7.12 Reply
  4. Dianna commented:


    Published 10.8.12 Reply

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