October 28, 2013

Halloween DIY: Catwoman & Poison Ivy

Sydne-Style-DIY-catwoman-hallowen-costume-faux-leather-jumpsuitHalloween has always been one of my favorite holidays. I usually plan my costume months in advance. But this year, I couldn’t think of any ideas… until I was invited to a villains party. My best friend, Katie, was visiting from Boston so we headed straight from the airport to Michaels to gather materials for afternoon of DIY costume making.

I’ve always wanted to be Poison Ivy. But after Kim Kardashian wore the costume I decided to wait a few years. This weekend was my chance. Katie and I decided to alternate being Poison Ivy and Catwoman for two parties over the weekend. The great thing about swapping costumes is you can majorly save on sharing the investment pieces, like a wig, which was our most expensive splurge.


For catwoman, both of us bought this faux leather jumpsuit from Forever 21. At $30 it was way less expensive than a boxed costume!  We then shared a mask, ears, gloves and whip from a costume store. I decided to do lace accents to make it more fashionable. I added red lips and boots and an Express belt (on sale!) from my closet and voila! Catwoman arrived.


For Poison Ivy, as I mentioned, the wig was our biggest splurge. But buying a nicer one makes a huge difference. The rest of the outfit was pretty inexpensive. I used an old Topshop dress and cut off one sleeve. Katie bought a $6 cami dress from H&M. Then we glued on individual ivy leaves from Michaels with E6000 (best glue ever!). I added gold and green glitter to the leaves for more definition. Then we put a few leaves on the gloves and swiped on some green eyeshadow. You could also do a green mask for more of a villainous look.

Sydne-Style-poison-ivy-halloween-costume-diy-ideas-make-it-yourself-leaves-michaels-red-wigSydne-Style-home-made-poison-ivy-costumes-diy-red-wig-leaves-glitter-costume-parties-villainsSydne-Style-how-to-diy-a-poison-ivy-halloween-costume-home-madeSydne-Style-diy-costume-ideas-poison-ivy-michaels-glitter-leaves-red-nailsPoison Ivy Catwoman costumes DIY Halloween ideasSydne-Style-how-to-make-diy-villain-costumes-catwoman-poison-ivy-halloween-villain-ideasPhotos by Felix Foto

What are you planning to be this Halloween? 

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  1. Brocaded n Bared commented:

    Werk it. Both look great. I’m going to be Sharknado =) Wish me luck. Delving into DIY waters starting tomorrow.

    Published 10.28.13 Reply
    • Sydne Summer commented:

      Sounds fun! Good luck 🙂

      Published 10.28.13 Reply
  2. Jen of Belle de Couture commented:

    These are awesome! Especially poison ivy! Great job! 😉


    Published 10.28.13 Reply
    • Sydne Summer commented:

      Thank you!

      Published 10.28.13 Reply
  3. Diana commented:

    Where did you purchase the wig for poison ivy?

    Published 10.28.13 Reply
    • Sydne Summer commented:

      At a wig shop on Hollywood Boulevard

      Published 10.28.13 Reply
  4. Code Overdressed commented:

    Wow! I don’t want to sound like a weirdo but gosh Sydne you look so hot in here! Catwoman is so your thing, love it!

    Cee. ♥
    Code Overdressed

    Published 10.28.13 Reply
    • Sydne Summer commented:

      Lol thanks Cee!

      Published 10.28.13 Reply
  5. Tanvi commented:

    OMG! How smoking hot you too. not many could carry that suit that well!

    Published 10.28.13 Reply
    • Sydne Summer commented:

      You’re so sweet, thanks!

      Published 10.29.13 Reply
  6. Jordan Michaels commented:

    LOVING both looks! Sounds like fun was had by all, too!

    Published 10.30.13 Reply
    • Sydne Summer commented:

      Thanks! Yes, very fun 🙂

      Published 11.4.13 Reply
  7. Lindsay Mueller commented:

    Sydne, these are so AWESOME. It’s sexy without over the top, and I just love the leather get up.


    Published 11.2.13 Reply
    • Sydne Summer commented:

      Thanks so much Lindsay!

      Published 11.4.13 Reply
  8. Melissa Tierney commented:

    Cute! My friend actually did the poison Ivy one!


    Published 10.27.14 Reply
  9. Deb commented:

    You look hot as Catwoman! Hope you both have a fun Halloween.

    Published 10.28.14 Reply
  10. stylishlyinlove commented:

    Great idea!!

    Have a wonderful day.

    Published 10.28.14 Reply
  11. Lindsay Truax commented:

    Amazing. Love the cat eye mask!

    Published 10.30.14 Reply
  12. Luiz Braido commented:

    OMG! How smoking hot you too. not many could carry that suit that well!

    Published 5.25.20 Reply

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