May 9, 2017

4 Tips to Sleep Better & Fall Asleep Faster

Sydne Style shares tip how to sleep better at night with eye maskEveryone requires a different amount of sleep to feel rested. For me, it’s eight hours. Once I’m asleep, I have no problem getting a full night’s rest. My issue is falling asleep! I’ve tried various techniques that promise to help you fall asleep faster. Out of all them, here are the top four I found to be the most helpful:


I need it to be pitch black in order for me to fall asleep. I used to cover my face with a soft t-shirt until I discovered Slip sleep masks. They are so soft you don’t need to worry about waking up with lines all over your face. I bring a mask with me on trips as well. At home, I also upgraded my pillow case to their silk version. It was worth every penny!

2. Breathe In Lavender Oil

Lavender oil is shown to help with sleep and anxiety. There are many ways you can apply the scent to help you sleep better. I have a friend who takes lavender scented baths to help her relax. I have another friend who swears by sipping lavender tea before bed. I prefer oils.

I recently tried Tammy Fender’s Bulgarian Lavender Oil and not only enjoy the aromatherapy but also love how it nourishes my dry skin. For travel, I’ve been packing This Works Deep Sleep Breathe In roller. It’s a blend of lavender and other essential oils that you can dab on your pulse points. If you prefer not to have the oil on your skin, they have a pillow spray as well.

3. SWaP TV For Reading

I used to watch TV before going to bed every night. I’d either catch up on my current shows or watch a Law & Order SVU re-run. And I wondered why I had nightmares! Recently, I’ve switched my television habits to reading books. It’s much more relaxing to dive into to a novel while you burn a candle on your nightstand (I keep Roses by my bed but lavender would be extra relaxing!). I just finished The Dollhouse and The Knockoff from The Stripe’s book club. I highly recommend both!

Sydne Style shares tip how to sleep better at night
4. Enter Night Mode

Obviously turning off your phone is ideal. But in reality, who can do that? I know I can’t. So I was super thankful when my friend introduced me to Night Mode. It’s a setting on your phone where you can schedule the lighting to swap from blue to yellow at a certain time every evening. The warmer light is shown to be less straining on the eye, helping you enter relaxation easier. Here’s a simple tutorial on how to adjust the settings.

A bonus tip? If you have a dog, some studies say it’s helpful to have them sleep in bed with you. I think this article on the topic is adorable! I didn’t include it as an actual tip but I find snuggling up with Bunny to be incredibly relaxing. And when I’m having trouble sleeping, I try to mimic her breath as a form of meditation. Yoga Girl did say to find whatever mediation practice works for you!

Sydne Style shows cute photos of dogs wearing eye masks

Do you have any tips you swear by to help you sleep better?

Sydne Style shares tip how to sleep better at night with lavender oilPhotos by Michelle Kyle

Cami: Gold Hawk (similar here and here)
Shorts: Gold Hawk
Sleep Mask: Slip
Lavender Oil: Tammy Fender
Roller Pen: This Works
Candle: Diptyque

Nails: Essie “Fiji”

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  1. Louis Dupond commented:

    I’d add .. avoid to think about negative things 😉

    Published 5.9.17 Reply
    • Sydne Summer commented:

      Very true!

      Published 5.9.17 Reply
  2. Harsha commented:

    I have lavender essential oil in a concentrated form. Can I still apply it on my wrist for better sleep?

    Published 8.17.18 Reply
    • Sydne commented:

      Definitely! My friend uses that all the time. Helps with relaxation 🙂

      Published 8.20.18 Reply
  3. We Be High commented:

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  5. Ada commented:

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    Published 3.11.22 Reply
  6. Elisa commented:

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    Published 6.11.22 Reply
  7. Emma commented:

    Each of us has our own life hacks that help us fall asleep faster and get enough sleep. If in the late afternoon I am not able, I usually do meditation or yoga, but if that does not help, I find a more effective tool here

    Published 6.28.22 Reply
  8. Veronika commented:

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    Published 11.3.22 Reply
  9. Olivia commented:

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