June 27, 2017

Two Easy Ways to Hide Gray Hair

Sydne Style shares beauty tips for getting rid of gray hairI started to get gray hair very early. I wasn’t surprised considering my grandfather was fully gray by the time he was 30. At first, I would pluck out any sign of gray hairs. It was fine when I only had three or four gray strands. But as they starting multiplying, I needed a new premature gray hair solution.

I discovered two products that I find to be the best way to cover gray hair in between visits to my colorist:

Sydne Style reviews touchback temporary color marker for gray hairs1. The Magic Marker

The first products I tried to mask my gray hairs were sprays. I think sprays are great if you have a ton of gray hair. But if you only have a handful of gray strands (or a few handfuls in my case!), I found you don’t really need all that product. I honestly don’t know how this magic marker ended up in my house but I’m sure glad it did.

I call the product a magic marker but it’s technically called a temporary color marker. You simply rub the marker on your roots or strands of gray hair and they magically disappear. I like that it gives you full control over how many pieces of hair you’re coloring. The color stays until you wash your hair. I use Medium Brown but there are a bunch of different color options online. I absolutely love this product. My only negative? The packaging kind of looks like a sex toy. So I keep it well hidden in my bathroom drawer.

2. Mutli-Tasking Brow Palette

Before I discovered the magic marker, a makeup artists introduced me to a fabulous trick. You can use the shadow from a brow palette to mask gray hairs. She recommended using the darker shade of the palette (I have this one but you can use any brow shadow you have).

It’s a great quick fix if you’re traveling or just need a quick touch up. I’ve also used the dark brown shade of my contour palette when I’m in a bind. Just make sure to apply with a stiffer eye shadow brush so you can really get the product on your hair.

I hope these tips help you if you’re struggling with those annoying strands of gray! And if you have any hair products that you’re obsessed with for covering grays I’d love to hear them!

Sydne Style wears Shein wrap top for summer outfit ideas

Sydne Style shows the best summer trends in off the shoulder wrap topSydne Style shows how to wear the wrap top trend for summer outfit ideasPhotos by Michelle Kyle

Top: SheIn (on sale!)
Jeans: Hudson
Brow palette: Maybelline
Hair marker: TouchBack
Earrings: Tai
Shoes: Soludos

Necklaces: CovetDana Rebecca and BaubleBar (similar)
Rings: Stella & Dot
Bracelet: old but similar here
Nails: Essie  β€œExcuse Me Sur”


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  1. Mary Elliot commented:

    If you’re looking for easy ways to hide gray hair, there are several effective options you can explore. Consider trying temporary root touch-up sprays or powders for a quick fix between salon visits. Another option is to experiment with different hairstyles or haircuts that strategically conceal gray strands. However, if you’re seeking a more permanent solution, you might want to look into specialized Grey Hair Treatment for Women. Products like semi-permanent or permanent hair dyes formulated specifically for covering gray can provide lasting results. Remember to research thoroughly and consult with a professional stylist for personalized recommendations.

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