August 3, 2017

These Exercises Will Get Your Booty in Shape in No Time!

I’m super excited to launch a new series on my YouTube channel this week. I’ve gotten so many questions about my fitness routine so I decided to do a series with the woman responsible for my current body: Shannon Nadj of Hot Pilates (read all about her West Hollywood studio in this post).

If you live in Los Angeles, I highly recommend checking out the studio. But since I know my Sydne Style family lives around the world, I wanted to bring my fitness routine straight to your home. In each episode of the series, we’ll be targeting specific areas of the body. And we’re kicking it off with my favorite body part to work… the booty!

I hope you enjoy these easy to follow exercises to get your butt in shape and lift your buttocks. Let us know what you’d like to see next!

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  1. Veronika commented:

    The more activity in our life and the smaller the food portion, the better our body becomes. I am for keeping fit and healthy consistently, for a long time. As a rule, strict diets and exercises give only short-term results, then at the same speed you will gain weight, and then more than it was initially. It is much better to make fitness a part of your life and keep your body in good shape all the time

    Published 8.4.20 Reply
  2. Olivia commented:

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    Published 12.29.20 Reply
  3. Kelly commented:

    Squats are one of the most effective exercises for making your butt round and toned. The main secret is to learn how to do squats correctly. Thanks, I enjoyed the workout! How do you feel about steroids like these I want to get in shape faster.

    Published 6.8.21 Reply
  4. Emilia commented:

    Thank you for sharing your experience, I will definitely try it. Of course, there are exercises that do not require additional equipment. But the right flooring should always be there. This is not only about your comfort, but also your safety. There is a great article on this subject here

    Published 4.22.23 Reply

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