January 30, 2018

3 Easy Ways to Prevent Breakouts

girl touching face in white bathroom to prevent acne and breakoutsLast month, I started noticing breakouts at my hairline. I don’t usually suffer from breakouts aside from cystic acne when I’m stressed. So I asked my facialist if she knew what was going on.  She told me I washing my face wrong in the shower. Who knew?! Here is what she had to say, plus two more easy tips that I use to keep my skin clear:

1. Wash your face after your hair.

Apparently when you’re in the shower, you’re supposed to shampoo and condition your hair first, then wash your face after. Once I learned this trick and switched my washing habits, the breakouts at my hairline vanished. It’s such an easy adjustment to your routine.

2. Wipe right after working out.

I was told a long time ago that when sweat sits on your face, it can clog your pores. That’s why I always keep face wipes in my car. Immediately after working out, I’ll use a cleansing cloth to get rid of sweat until I can properly clean my face at home. Just remember to put on sunscreen after, because the face wipes take off product in addition to sweat.

My favorite face wipes:

3. Change your linens.

I always change my pillow cases twice as often as my sheets. Your hair can leave so much oil on your pillows and you’re putting your face there every night. So it’s super important to keep everything clean! My photographer, Michelle, also suggested using a different towel for your face and body. She suffered from breakouts for a while and this simple trick really helped her. I’ve now added that to my showering adjustments.

Sydne Style shares how to prevent breakouts with easy skincare tipsBut what if I do breakout?

My absolute favorite product is Kate Somerville EradiKate. The minute I notice a blemish I apply the pink liquid at night and when I wake up it’s dramatically smaller. I always keep the single applicators with me when I’m traveling since that’s usually when I see breakouts.

girl washing face in white bathroom to prevent acneDo you have any acne prevention tips you swear by?


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  1. Lauren commented:

    Such great tips – and I love your product recs!

    Lauren Elyce

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  2. Danielle commented:

    Remove stress from your life and you can transform not only yourself but your whole life. It’s a simple secret, isn’t it?

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  3. DamienHarris commented:

    The previous commentator noted an important thing .. If a person is under stress, then no cosmetic tricks will remove the symptoms. You need to be calm and happy so that your face shines. My older sister was depressed after a divorce and was able to recover with the help of natural mushrooms – This is a natural sedative that is openly sold in many states now. This is where you need to start working on yourself.

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