August 24, 2018

5 Ways To Keep Hair Color From Fading

Sydne Style shares hair color tips for brunettes with celebrity stylist kim vo

I recently got my hair colored for fall. I wanted a rich brunette with subtle highlights. I’ve been going to the same hair colorist for years, Kim Vo. While he was working his magic, I asked him for tips on how to keep my hair color looking fresh. I wanted to share his wisdom in case you’re switching up your color for fall. Here are my five ways to keep hair color from fading:

1. Use a Permanent Base

During fall and winter months, Kim suggests using a permanent base color to keep a rich, darker color. Unlike summer, when it’s nice to have color wash out with the sun, the permanent base keeps a bolder hue longer. He then uses highlights to break up the hair and make it more dimensional.

2. Get a Gloss

After coloring your hair, Kim recommends getting a gloss. This helps keep your hair shiny longer.

Sydne style shares hair inspiration for long lob hair trend

3. Wait to Wash

How long do you wait to wash your hair after getting it colored? Kim says two days is ideal so the hair color can set.

My fave dry shampoos to extend time between washes

4. Use Purple Shampoo

As a brunette, my hair color can turn brassy in the sun. That’s where a purple shampoo comes in. Kim says to use a purple shampoo about once a week to help keep your color the same as when it was first treated. Purple shampoo is also great for keeping blonde hair the perfect blonde.

I’ve been using Biolage R.A.W. Color Care shampoo ($25) and conditioner ($25) to keep my color safe. Like Kim Vo recommends, I use it once a week.

They also have a travel size version shampoo ($9) and conditioner ($9) if you’re on the go and want to keep up with your hair routine.

5. Avoid Sulfates

Whatever shampoo and conditioner you use, it’s important to avoid ones that have sulfates. Kim says that sulfates strip the color from your hair. So make sure to read the ingredients of your hair products if you’re getting your hair colored.

I hope these tips help you as much as they helped me! For more tips, check out my hair section under my Beauty page!


Sydne Style shares how to get shiny hair for fall
Photos by Reuben Luke 


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