October 19, 2018

Group Halloween Costume: Don’t You Wanta Fanta?

Sydne Style shares group halloween costumes as fanta girls dont you wanta fanta the fantanas

Last Halloween, while shooting our Clueless costume, Elaine I chatted about what we should do next. She’s just as obsessed with Halloween as I am… if not more! I’ve always thought that a fun group Halloween costume idea would be the Fanta Girls. Remember the Fanta commercial with The Fantanas singing the catchy jingle, “Don’t you wanna Fanta”? Well, cue to a few weeks ago when Elaine texted me to see if I was still game. I didn’t have to think twice!

We brought back Elizabeth and had An join us to complete our Fantanas foursome. The costumes are really simple to make. And the best part is you can wear a bunch of the pieces throughout the year. I mean, how cute will these white over the knee boots be with jeans?!

Sydne Style shares sexy womens costume group halloween diy ideas

Want to DIY your own Fanta Girls costumes? Here’s what you need:

  • Bright dresses · Split up the flavors and order dresses! We turned to Revolve, since they have a huge selection of bright color dresses and fast shipping. You can also do a skirt and matching top.
  • Fanta bottles · To be honest, this was the hardest part! We found plenty of pineapple and strawberry but never came across grape. I ended up DIYing An’s bottle by mixing a red Fanta with blue Gatorade and painting the cap with purple nail polish. If we had time, we would have just ordered Fanta sodas online.
  • White boots ·  It’s good white boots are so on trend because there are a ton of options! I’ve been wanting a pair for a while so I was thrilled to come across these white over the knee boots. I’ll definitely be wearing them with jeans and sweater dresses throughout the year.
  • White ribbon · We bought white ribbon to create arm and wristbands.
  • White belts · I found these white circle belts for only $19. I liked the simplicity because you can wear them with jeans later. You could also always tie the white ribbon around your waist if you don’t feel like buying a belt.
  • Colorful makeup · We brought out our the color of our flavors with makeup. Since I was pineapple, I did yellow eyeshadow. Elaine went with red lipstick for strawberry. An did purple lipstick for grape. And Elizabeth used rust tones on her eyes for orange.

Get more costume inspiration with my Halloween ideas!

Sydne Style shares group halloween costumes with fantanas fanta girls
Sydne Style shares group halloween costumes with diy ideas for sexy womens costume

Photos by Jonathan Villanueva


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