October 9, 2020

6 Easy DIY Pumpkin Ideas

Sydne Style shares easy diy ideas for halloween decor with pearl pumpkins

Considering my apartment has basically turned into a warehouse (yes, I fulfill all my Sydne Summer orders myself!) I’m going to have to skip the fall decor this year. I’m a little bummed because I absolutely love doing fall DIY projects with pumpkins. But I simply don’t have the time this year. That being said, I’ve been pinning DIY pumpkin ideas like crazy over on Pinterest to get inspo for next year.

If you’re looking for a fun fall activity to do, I can’t recommend a pumpkin DIY project enough! And it doesn’t have to be messy. Since I have mostly white decor, I always try to avoid paint or anything else that can stain when I pick a DIY project. Here are some easy pumpkin DIY ideas that I’ve done in the past, as well as a few I loved during my pinning craze:

#1 pearl pumpkins

My favorite pumpkin DIY I ever did was my pearl pumpkins. It’s so easy too! I just bought swirly pearl stickers and randomly placed them on small white pumpkins I bought at Trader Joe’s. You can see the full tutorial here.

#2 crystal pumpkins

Veronica did a similar glam pumpkin DIY project mixing her pearl pumpkins with crystal pumpkins. She glued on a lot of the appliqué. But if you’re like me and want to make things super simple you can just peel and stick. Here are some clear crystal design stickers and I love these gold crystal swirl stickers. For Veronica’s tutorial, head over to Lombard & Fifth.

#3 ribbon pumpkins

Last year, I wanted to add color to my home. So I did a pumpkin DIY project with velvet ribbon. There are lots of ways you can decorate with velvet ribbon. You can create a striped design, wrap the pumpkin like a present or simply tie a bow on the stem of the pumpkin. The best part? You can use any leftover ribbon as gift wrap for holiday! You can see my full velvet ribbon pumpkin DIY tutorial here.

#4 metallic stripe pumpkins

Crafting tape is a great resource for a pumpkin DIY. I played with different metallic crafting tapes for a glam striped pumpkin DIY project. It’s so much less messy than glueing on fabric! To match the stripes, I just used metallic sharpies to “paint” the stems of the pumpkins. You can find the whole metallic stripe pumpkin tutorial here.

#5 gold design pumpkins

Speaking of metallic sharpies, I love this gold painted pumpkin idea from Chelsea. You basically just “paint” designs on white pumpkins, just like you did in high school doodling in your notebook. She used a paint pen but you can also just use a fine tip gold Sharpie. See her full tutorial on Lovely Indeed.

#6 studded pumpkins

For edgier decor, studded pumpkins are so fun (and also very easy). You basically just push metallic studs into a pumpkin to create any design you like! You can mix metallics like Old House and New Home or if you’re feeling super crafty, you can push studs into painted pumpkins like I Spy DIY.

Not into DIY projects? Plain white pumpkins create gorgeous fall decor! Here’s how I used non-decorated pumpkins in my fall decor setup for a recent shoot. You can also just buy pre-decorated pumpkins to place around your home. Here some pretty ones I found online:


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