September 20, 2020

Easy & Affordable Fall Decor Ideas

I’ve been so busy that I haven’t had a chance to think about fall decor. To be honest, my home feels like a mini warehouse right now, with boxes everywhere! So as much as I love season home decor, I’ll probably have to skip the fall decorating this year. But I did get my fall decor fix while shooting my new Sydne Summer collection, which launches the first day of fall.

I rented a home and styled it with easy and affordable home decor accents to create a cozy vibe for our shoot. Some pieces I took from my own home. Others I bought for the shoot. And guess what? I only spent $100 at the grocery store for props! Here are the home decor accents I used to create a fall vibe:

dried florals & wood accents

I always use flowers to decorate each season. While I love picking up fresh flowers each week, I also like having dried flowers to mix in. Plus, it’s nice to have bouquets you don’t have to water if you can’t make it to the store! I personally find dried flowers to look most expensive when they’re in neutral tones. I also use neutral flowers made out of wood that I keep in my home year-round.

shop dried flowers

Shop wood flowers

Another home decor piece that bring in cozy fall vibes is wood accents. You can achieve this many way but my favorite is through cutting boards and serving platters. I usually mix in wood cheese boards and cutting boards into my marble pieces around my kitchen for fall.

Shop wood accents

white pumpkins

I pick up white pumpkins every fall. I usually decorate them. I’ve done so many DIY pumpkins in the past:

Since I had zero time for my normal DIY pumpkin projects, I simply left my mini white pumpkins as is. And they looked just as chic! I mixed them with fresh flowers I picked up from the grocery store around the home, both in vases and as decor over the fireplace.

fall candles

Nothing screams fall more than cozy scents. There are so many fall candles to choose from. My favorite fall scents are more of the woodsy notes mixed with vanilla. But my friends are obsessed with anything and everything pumpkin. Whatever your smell of choice is, you can light candles all around the home and even put them in the fireplace, like I did during the shoot.

Shop fall candles

pampas grass

Pampas grass keeps getting more and more popular in home decor. I personally love them because the stems work year-round. They’re so neutral that they mix beautifully with any seasonal decor. My only tips is to buy ones that are already dried. Last year I dried cutting fresh ones from a field and it created the biggest mess!

Shop Pampas grass

I hope this post helped you in case you’re looking for some easy fall home decor ideas! Like I said, this was me doing minimal, simple fall home decor. But in past years I got super into it if you’re looking for more decorating options:

Happy Fall ya’ll!


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