September 28, 2020

What to Wear in the Mountains

Sydne Style shows what to wear to Blackberry Mountain with Lexus off roading

Heading on a trip to the mountains? I got you covered! A couple of weeks ago I went to Blackberry Mountain in Tennessee with Lexus. Each day was full of adventure and relaxation in the Great Smoky Mountains. We did everything from off-roading in a Lexus GX and clay shooting to indulging in massages and delicious sunset dinners. In case you’re taking a trip to the mountains this year, I’m rounding up all my outfits. Here’s what I packed:

  • Hats and hair accessories (because who has time to do their hair on a trip?!)
  • Face masks and mask necklaces (to keep stylishly safe)
  • Jeans
  • Loungewear (for relaxing afternoons and nights)
  • Cowboy boots and booties
  • Jackets (a mix of casual jackets and fun outerwear for night)
  • Workout gear
  • Fall dresses

hats & hair accessories

I barely did my hair the whole trip. So I relied on hats and and hair accessories to keep me looking chic with zero maintenance. I wore three different fedoras: a white fedora with black trim, a cowgirl inspired black fedora and my beige fedora that I’ve have for years. And I used my Sydne Summer scrunchies to make my ponytails more stylish.

Sydne Style reviews the best scrunchies with Sydne Summer hair accessories

face masks & Mask Necklaces

I’ll admit that I was a little hesitant to travel. It was my first time staying at a hotel since the pandemic. But I felt super safe at Blackberry Mountain. The staff members always wore masks. And there were hand sanitizers all around the property. I brought along my Sydne Summer face masks and mask necklaces to keep safe.

Sydne Style reviews the best fall face masks with Sydne Summer face masks with adjustable straps and mask necklaces


I wore jeans for about half the trip. I brought three pairs with me but only ended up alternating between two: my high rise cropped jeans and dark skinny jeans. I also wore a ton of double denim during the trip.


Every night I changed into a loungewear set. I brought along a few different pieces from my Sydne Summer Lounge collection and mix and matched them. I also wore my loungewear after the spa to relax and stay cozy chic.

Sydne Style reviews the best loungewear for fall in Sydne Summer lounge


I brought all Western inspired boots with me to the mountains. During the day, I mostly lived in my cowboy boots (I bought them about 15 years ago in Dallas!). I also wore my Western booties with a small stacked heel from day to night. I only wore my stiletto Western booties one night, so I definitely didn’t need those. When I wasn’t wearing boots, I wore my favorite Nike sneakers. If you’re planning on hiking, I’d recommend brining a pair of hiking boots as well.


I brought a ton of jackets with me for layering (it can get chilly in the mountains!). I brought a denim jacket, which I mostly wore with jeans for a double denim look. I brought a fringe leather jacket. I brought a plaid coat (although it was mostly too warm in September to wear it). And I brought a utility jacket, which I wore with all my sportier outfits. I also brought a lightweight windbreaker, which I wore when it was drizzling outside.


I swapped between jeans and cute tops and dresses for dinner. You definitely don’t need to bring dresses to the mountains. Most people were on the more casual side. But I love dressing up and haven’t gotten many chances to dress up recently. So I packed a couple fall floral dresses and a white lace dress, which I dressed down with Western boots.

I hope you enjoyed this glimpse into my trip. And if you’re headed to the mountains, I hope this guide helps you pack!

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  2. Amanda commented:

    Thank you for your outfits. I love the mountains or some active trips to nature. Lately I’ve been thinking about something very extreme, especially after reading the article about what happened in Chernobyl, I’m thinking now about an excursion to this area

    Published 12.25.20 Reply
  3. Adam commented:

    Thank you for sharing. You need to understand that the issue of clothing directly depends on what you plan to do in the mountains. I’m reading a book right now and I plan to climb the mountain with my family too. To begin with, it will be a small distance, but you need to dress very warmly

    Published 1.10.21 Reply
  4. Kelly commented:

    Sydney, what lovely outfits !? You are amazing! How about watching the starry sky in the mountains, I will never forget this night. Found a great article on what to take on a stargazing trip, here it is –, please yourself. dreaming is all that gives me inspiration and strength to do something cool in my life. As well as your outfits of course 🙂

    Published 4.1.21 Reply
  5. Adam commented:

    Thanks for your advice. However, if you are going on professional hiking for a few days, you may need a little more 🙂 Good shoes are a very important item in your arsenal if you want to go your distance. For example, Dr. Martens can be a great option. Here is a good article on the subject – to make your hiking better

    Published 5.12.21 Reply
  6. Elisa commented:

    Thanks for your article, well, this is only suitable if you have a simple enough vacation in the mountains. If you are planning to sleep in a tent, you will need a slightly different and practical look. Although now there are things like wood tent stoves that can make your stay more comfortable

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  7. Olivia commented:

    Thanks for this checklist. Love your blog as do Ariel Isabeau Emrani’s blog for unique and helpful advice and point of view. Thanks, keep it up!

    Published 11.10.21 Reply
  8. coloring pages commented:

    It’s great, thank you very much!

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  9. Skingenity commented:

    This really looks cool! Thanks for sharing!

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  10. Skinly commented:

    I love this checklist!

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  11. Miracle Face commented:

    Thank you for this!

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