September 19, 2020

3 Tips for Rocking Double Denim This Fall

Sydne Style shows the best fall straw hats with denim jacket in lexus

I just got back from Tennessee, for a week in the mountain at Blackberry Mountain with Lexus (more to come on that soon!). When packing for the trip, I went for a full Western vibe. One of my favorite ways to do the Western trend is with denim on denim. Some people refer to it the Canadian Tuxedo, others says it’s a Texas tuxedo. But I just call it chic. Here are my three tips on rocking double denim this fall…

#1 play with different color denims

The easiest way to wear the double denim trend is to pair two different color denims. I usually like to do a darker or black denim on bottom to make my bottom half appear slimmer. Then I’ll add a lighter color denim shirt or jean jacket on top.

#2 add interest with an embellished denim jacket

If you’re going to rock the same or similar color denim on top or bottom, you can use an embellished denim jacket to add interest. When I was in Tennessee, I paired a patchwork leather denim jacket with similar color jeans. But you can also just add a fun brooch or set of pins to a denim jacket you already have in your closet.

#3 layer non denim on top

Another trick if you’re rocking the same color denim on top and bottom is to balance it out with a non denim layer. This can be layering a fuzzy sweater over a denim shirt. Or you can throw a vest over a denim shirt or jean jacket.

I hope these tips helped you in case you’re thinking of trying out the double denim trend this fall! As you can see by my many different hair styles in these photos, I’ve been rocking the denim on denim trend for years! Once you figure out the styling tips that work for you, it’s a really easy (and chic!) trend to do.

Sydne Style shares Lexus off roading experience at Blackberry Mountain in Tennessee


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  1. shell shockers commented:

    Avoid over-detailed clothing. 2021 doesn’t require a jacket with 15 million rips or pants with grommets. Keep the rest simple to balance out design details.

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