February 19, 2021

Home Decor Updates: Cute Little Corners

Sydne Style shows home decor styling with marble side table

I don’t know about you, but I’m constantly rearranging my home decor and wanted to show you some ways of decorating corners in your home. I’ll swap out flowers, candles and frames so I feel a seasonal refresh without spending too much money. It’s been a while since I’ve done a home decor post so I wanted to share some cute little corners in my home and some home decor pieces and styling tricks that have been making me happy.

I love having orchids in my home. They’re so inexpensive (only $14 at Trader Joe’s!). My trick is to swap the pot they come in for a more decorative vase to make them look more luxe.

How to Water Orchids

My bestie just sent me a succulent from my favorite local shop, Desert Rose. I keep it by my sink and it makes me so happy!

How To Care for Succulents

I like mixing in my fresh flowers and plants with vases of dried flowers. I’ve showcased my bridesmaid bouquet for years. And I just added this beautiful arrangement from Adorned by Sina to my bedroom.

I’m constantly swapping out candles and diffusers for different scents. Rose and sandalwood are my all time favorite fragrances but I like mixing it up.

6 Candles I keep in my home

I also love using my handbags as decor. It’s another easy way to make things seasonal. Plus, it doubles as storage. I hope this inspires you in decorating corners of your home!

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  1. Olivia commented:

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    Published 3.30.21 Reply
  2. Robin commented:

    “You have such a women’s room and the whole house that it seems that you live in a dollhouse. I like it, I do not mind, but I wonder how your husband relates to this. Forgive me if I’m not getting into my own business! Perhaps everyone likes everything, this is my personal opinion. My wife also puts her things around the house. She says the house is so cozy. To be honest, I also like it when the house smells nice and there are fresh flowers. Therefore, I am grateful to you and my wife for the work you are doing to create comfort in our homes.
    Best regards, Robin from”

    Published 4.8.21 Reply
  3. Ann commented:

    This is great, because such details add comfort! I’m currently renovating a bathroom, and I’ve saved some of these ideas for myself. The repair process is not easy, but if you study luxury bath complaints in a timely manner and choose the right contractors-everything will be much more pleasant

    Published 4.25.21 Reply

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