April 18, 2021

These Stackable Modular Drawers Look Just Like a Dresser!

Sydne Style shares storage options with container store modular units

Living in a one-bedroom, I feel like I never have enough storage. Over the years, I’ve added more and more spaces to store all my stuff. My favorite was my custom wardrobe from California Closets (you can see the mirrored unit in my bedroom tour). Most recently, I added these modular stackable drawers ($12.99-$49.99) that look just like a dresser!

I originally bought nine of the small square drawers to store the face masks I was selling in my old shop. As my inventory grew, I added the rectangular drawers to the stack. It was so helpful in keeping everything organized. So much so, that when I closed my shop, I was excited to put the now empty drawers to good use.

I moved them from my living room to bedroom with ease since they’re super lightweight. Then I added handbags, candles, flowers and a frame on top to make the white opaque drawers feel more like a dresser.

Get inspired with how I decorate cute little corners

Now I keep all my underwear, loungewear and some beauty products in the “dresser.” I could not be happier with the added space. And since my whole room is white, the modular stackable drawers just fade into the background. The drawers also come in grey. After seeing mine, a bunch of my friends got them too for different purposes from offices to bedrooms. So I just wanted to share if you’re looking to add some more storage to a space in your home, too.

Sydne Style shares storage options with container store modular drawers
Sydne Style shows how to decorate a dresser with chanel bag and dried flowers

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  1. Sleep Center commented:

    Creative idea! Loved it!

    Published 5.5.21 Reply
  2. Adam Miller commented:

    Great solution, as usual, thank you. What I like the most is your painting, which makes great accents in the room. Also, I often use various posters like this to make the room better.

    Published 5.29.21 Reply
  3. saree commented:

    It’s a beautiful design. Nice to see this one.

    Published 6.10.21 Reply
  4. Kris Marie Dano commented:

    Is it heavy or easy to be bump into when placed in the hallway?

    Published 6.14.21 Reply
  5. reshine hair commented:

    i like the pearl bag

    Published 10.27.21 Reply
  6. Pattie Foley or Amanda Foley commented:

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    Published 4.26.22 Reply
  8. Skinly commented:

    Creative and a great solution!

    Published 5.20.22 Reply
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