January 10, 2023

3 Reasons I Love Linen Sheets for a Restful Sleep

Sydne Style reviews flax home linen sheets for relaxed bedding ideas

Did you know the average person spends around 30 years of their life in bed?! I read that the other day and it seems so wild to me. I personally love sleeping. Some people get hangry when they don’t eat. I get slangry when I don’t sleep! So I always aim to make my bedroom a serene sanctuary. As most of you know, my most recent move was very rushed. I didn’t have too much time to think about decor since I moved with zero furniture. But I knew the vibe I wanted for my home decor: elevated California casual with warm neutrals. And linen sheets accomplish just that!

3 Reasons I Love Linen SheetS

relaxed aesthetic

Some people like their sheets perfectly crisp. I used to be one of them! But as I enter this new chapter of mom life, I want everything to be as relaxed as possible. So I’m embracing the casual crinkly look of linen. I went with Flax Home linens per a recommendation from my friend. They’re based in Vancouver and women-owned and run!

I love the neutral colors they offer. Instead of all white, like I did in my past two bedrooms, I mixed their Cloud and Shell linen bedding. The Shell color is such a soft, soothing neutral and gives me a feeling of calm when I slip into bed.

cool but cozy

I usually run cold. But during this pregnancy, my temperatures have been all over the place, especially at night! Linen is naturally temperature regulating, so it keeps you cool when it’s hot and keeps you cozy when it’s cool out. I also added a quilt at the end of the bed, partly for added warmth but mostly because Chubbs loves to dig in bed. So I encourage him to dig on the quilt!

Earth friendly

Linen uses significantly less water than other materials. Plus, it’s organic. So I don’t have to worry when baby comes and hangs in bed with me and the pups.

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  1. terraria commented:

    The bedroom is so beautiful and luxurious

    Published 2.14.23 Reply
  2. Jamaisa commented:

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    Published 3.22.23 Reply
  3. Marranzala commented:

    I think that healthy sleep is a good thing. My doctor advised me to do this frequently

    Published 5.19.23 Reply
  4. Tearnim commented:

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    Published 5.19.23 Reply
  5. Linda Cardenas commented:

    I really like the soft material of the bed sheets. They make me have a good threes night’s sleep and no back pain.

    Published 5.29.23 Reply

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