October 13, 2019

Fall Decor Ideas: Bringing Color Into My Home

Sydne Style shows fall home decor ideas with samsung the frame tv

Happy Fall Ya’ll! I’m so excited to bring you on a little fall home tour of my apartment and share some easy fall decor ideas. I always have so much fun decorating my home for each season. And I’m really happy with how it turned out this year. So here are all the ways I decorated my home for fall… and a few tips if you’re looking to do some fall decor updates, too!

fall hues

Sydne Style shows fall home decor ideas with blush couch and colorful pillows

One of my favorite parts about having mostly all-white home decor, is I can easily update my space each season with different accents. Last year, I went for glam fall decor, using pearls, crystals and gold. This year, I wanted to introduce color with a warm, feminine fall color palette.

I was inspired by one of my favorite events of the year, the Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic. The event always has the most beautiful decor, with marigold flowering trees in the VIP area and a mustard and pink floral arch in the rosé garden. I took inspiration from all their floral decor when deciding on my color scheme: rose, marigold and rust.

festive pillows

One of the easiest ways to update your home is with festive pillows. Since my blush couch is more of a dusty rose color, it almost acts like a neutral. So I accented it by adding colorful pillows. The key to layering pillows is playing with different sizes and textures, which I did through quilted pillows, velvets and fuzzy accents. You don’t have to spend a lot of money either!

My orange quilted pillows are $19.99 (they also come in berry, yellow and navy). Then my yellow velvet pillows are a set of 3 for $24.99. I thought the “gather together” lettering was perfect for going into Thanksgiving. I simply layered them with pillows I already had on my couch: a rose quartz velvet pillow and a fuzzy ivory pillow. And I just couldn’t resist this “I love you more than pumpkin anything” pillow that I use on the floor when playing with Jack Jack. 

coffee table styling

Sydne Style shows how to style a coffee table for fall decor ideas

Another way to update your home for fall is with coffee table decor. I simply used a few festive items and fresh flowers to transform what was already on my table. I mixed fresh flowers I picked up with Trader Joe’s with pieces from a fake orange berry bush.  Then I placed small pumpkins all over. 

Check out my easy ribbon pumpkins DIY tutorial. 

A little trick I learned from a interior designer is using the top of a cake stand to highlight a decorative piece on your coffee table. So I simply chose the prettiest pumpkin, stacked her on a book and put the glass globe on top.

mantel decor

In my next home, I’m making a fireplace a requirement. I’m constantly pinning images of festive fireplaces with their mantels decorated each season. Since I don’t have a fireplace, I use my media console under my TV as a substitute (side note: I’m still obsessed with my Frame TV. I love how you can switch up the images to make your home even more seasonal!).

Sydne Style shows fall home decor ideas with target wire pumpkins and votivo candles

Ok, back to decorating a mantel. I always start with garland. For the holidays last year, I used fresh greenery. But since I’m going with color for fall, I ordered yellow garland. I draped the garland over the mantle as a base then scattered pumpkins all over (some decorated, some plain and some wire). Then I added in candles and a couple of vases of flowers. There is really no science to decorating a mantel. It’s simply about playing with different heights of your favorite objects (I even use a purse that matched my color scheme!). I also added a few fresh flowers to the garland, but I almost recommend this for a party or dinner since they do wilt quickly without water.

additional accents

One additional accent I like to add to my home for fall is cozy blankets. I usually go with faux fur because Jack Jack loves soft things. Whatever material you choose, it’s a great way to add a pop of color or texture. I also hung a yellow wreath that matched my garland. I also like to have some stems of fake flowers for weeks I don’t have time to pick up fresh bouquets. I used an orange berry bush and orange eucalyptus bush this year to place in my tall white vases

Sydne Style shows home decor inspiration for fall with blush couch and yellow pillows

I hope you liked my fall home tour! For more fall home ideas, you can check out:

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Sydne Style shows fall home decor ideas with velvet pillows and floral arrangements


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  1. Laura Schakosky commented:

    Quick question, where did you get your rug? I love it! I bought the blush sofa you have and love it, just looking for a pet friendly rug that ties everything together!

    I love how you changed the pillows up, so unique. I love your style.

    Published 10.19.19 Reply
    • Michelle Grappo commented:

      Yes! Was wondering the same thing re: rug 🙂
      Thanks X m

      Published 11.30.19 Reply
      • Sydne commented:

        Thanks ladies! The rug is from West Elm. They don’t sell online anymore but maybe they would in your local store? If not, here are some similar ones online:

        I get most of my rugs from them, good quality for the price!

        Published 12.2.19 Reply
  2. Inspiring fall decoration ideas, your work truely amazing and inspiring, I am loving this, keep posting such amazing ideas for home designing.

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  10. Christy commented:

    Im so stunned of how you tied that blush couch into fall decor 😲! Congratulations! You truly are a stylish person! I have a blush color couch also (not by choice though). I was really needing some inspiration and you my friend gave it! Thank you 😘

    Published 8.23.21 Reply
    • Christy commented:

      Also wondering! Will you be sharing a fall decorate this year?

      Published 8.23.21 Reply
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  17. Denial commented:

    A very good solution and it looks very nice. I also like how your walls are decorated. I’m thinking of buying some posters from now to update the walls in the hallway a bit and make them more stylish.

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