November 26, 2018

Glam Holiday Decor: Blush, White & Metallics

Sydne Style shares glam holiday decor with snowflake pillows on blush pink couch with samsung tv

I’ve been so excited to decorate for the holidays. When it came to picking a theme for my holiday home decor, I knew I wanted to create a winter wonderland with glam holiday decor. I mixed in different elements of blush, white and metallics and accented it with live greenery for a pop of festive color.

I started with my media console. Since I don’t have a fireplace, my entertainment center is the focal point. Last year, I was lucky enough to have a florist decorate for me. This year, I did my own DIY. I mixed the decorative objects I already had in with a ton of greenery and sparkly holiday decor items. My mom has always been obsessed with nutcrackers. I guess she passed it down to me!

Glam Holiday Decor: Winter Wonderland Theme

In my dining room, I made it look like it was snowing by hanging snowflakes on my mirrors. Then I made my chairs look like presents by tying ribbon on each one and attaching bows. I filled a bowl with ornaments, then used the rest of my live greenery to DIY a wreath around the bowl.

I bought my holiday home decor at various places. Since I prefer live greenery over plastic garland because it makes your home smell delicious, I picked up eucalyptus, baby’s breath, garland and pink berries at Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s. (TJ’s also had those cute mini wreaths I hung on my sconces using gold linen ribbon.) I found the rest of my holiday decor online at TJ Maxx and Amazon, and I popped into Michaels for some crafting supplies.

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Sydne Style shares glam holiday decor ideas with diy garland using babys breath

minimalist tree decor

I wanted a very minimal Christmas tree this year. I looked endlessly online and finally settled upon a this white birch tree ($58.79). I went with 6 feet but in comes in various heights.

Aside from the great price, I like that it’s already lit. The branches are bendable so you can easily arrange them to fit into a small space, which is a bonus for apartment living.

Sydne Style shares glam holiday decor ideas for white home decor with glitter wreath

snowy selfies

Since it doesn’t snow in LA, I wanted to at least give the feeling of winter  in my home. So I taped hanging snowflake decorations ($6.99) to my mirrors.

A bonus? They’re now the perfect spot for selfies! When my friends come over, they can take photos in the mirror and it looks like a true winter wonderland.

Sydne Style shares glam holiday decor ideas with how to style a coffee table using string lights

pillow talk

One of the easiest ways to make a home feel festive for the holidays is with pillows. There are so many affordable options so you don’t have to spend a ton of money either!

I mixed the pillows I already had on my couch with a rose gold snowflake pillow ($24.99), silver ornament pillow ($19.99) and beaded snowflake pillow ($24.99).

Thanks for coming along with me on my glam holiday decor tour!
I hope it inspired you as you decorate for the holiday season.

Sydne Style shares glam holiday decor ideas with diy garland using eucalyptus

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