October 9, 2018

Chic Fall Home Decor Ideas: My Fall Essentials

Sydne Style shares chic fall decor ideas for home inspiration

It’s my first Fall in my newly renovated home. So I was super excited to bring in some seasonal updates with some chic fall home decor. When I think of fall decor, I usually think of a rich color scheme based on fall leaves. But reds and oranges don’t really go with my all white and blush home. So I had to think outside the box for decor ideas. I decided to bring in just a few white and metallic pieces to give my home a refresh for the season. Here’s what I came up with:

Sydne Style shows glam coffee table decor ideas for fall

Coffee table decor

There are so many ways to style a coffee table for fall. I always use Pinterest as inspiration. I saw a bunch of chic coffee tables with white pumpkins so I used that as my base.

I started by clearing off my white pearl tray. Instead of just putting plain white pumpkins down, I DIYed them with pearl appliqué. I arranged them on my white quartz coasters, which are a staple on my coffee table.

Given that Halloween is just around the corner, I felt like I should bring out a candy bowl. This crystal one was my grandmother’s. I love mixing new and vintage pieces in my home. I filled it with regular and almond Hershey’s kisses to match my mixed metallic decor and placed it on a Chanel book. Unfortunately, this part of my decor was short-lived. Jack Jack was way too interested in the chocolates! So I need to figure out something non edible to put on display.

Sydne Style shows cute rescue dogs with black spaniel

Next came flowers. I always like to have fresh flowers on my coffee table. I usually do white roses or hydrangeas. To make the flower arrangement more Fall like, I added white pumpkins. I found these lightweight fabric pumpkins at the grocery store. I simply cut a hole in the bottom and added the stem from my roses.

Then I just scattered some more white pumpkins and mixed metallic candles on top of my books on the second layer of my two-tier coffee table.

Sydne Style shows how to style a coffee table with pearl pumpkins

Cozy corners

I have a corner in my living room behind my chaise lounge that is perfect for updating each season. I change out the floral arrangement, switch up the sayings on my letter board and put down new decorative rugs.

Sydne Style shows chic fall home decor ideas with eucalpytus

For fall, I added white pumpkins (I know, I’m obsessed), a cozy sheepskin rug and a tall white vase full of eucalyptus. I was so thrilled to learn that my favorite shrub comes in various colors! Someone sent me this pink felt letter board and it’s fun to switch it up with different sayings. I decided on this fall quote from a French philosopher:

“Autumn is a second spring, where every leaf is a flower.”
– Albert Camus

Another way to make spaces feel more cozy are with throw blankets. I’ve been collecting soft throws, and even used a neutral plaid blanket scarf to drape over my chaise. Here are some of my current favorites:

Sydne Style shows chic fall home decor ideas

Aromatic side table

My final way I updated my home decor for fall was through scent. The fresh eucalyptus instantly brought in relaxing vibe. I also added fall scented candles and diffusers on my side table. Votivo just came out with a spiced chai fragrance that is perfect for fall (follow me on Instagram for an upcoming giveaway!).

I swapped out my summer orchid for a glass canister full of fragrant eucalyptus and metallic pumpkins. They’re so easy to make! Here’s a DIY tutorial on how to create the decorative pumpkins.

I hope you enjoyed coming along with me on my chic Fall home decor tour!

Photos by Michelle Kyle


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