November 7, 2018

Cabo Vacation Highlights

Sydne Style rounds up what to do in Cabo with Jessica Lowndes

I was going through photos on my phone and realized I never posted my trip to Cabo and wanted to share my Cabo vacation highlights! Back over Labor Day weekend, I did a last minute girls trip to Mexico with my friend Jessica Lowndes. We had the best time ever! Considering her birthday is tomorrow (you can wish her happy birthday over on Insta!), I figured it would be a great time to share a photo diary from our trip.

I’ve been to Mexico many times but each trip is different. This Cabo trip was my favorite yet! It was a mixture of girl talk, lounging by the pool, having yummy dinners and taking boat rides on the Pacific.

Sydne Style shares the best beach coverups for what to wear to cabo

where we stayed

We stayed at The Cape. I fell in love with the boutique hotel when it first opened. It has the most gorgeous inifinity pool, delicious food and drinks and I highly recommend getting a massage on the beach!

Sydne Style reviews the cape thompson hotel cabo breakfast

where we ate

We at breakfast and lunch at The Cape and then ventured out for dinner. One night we went to Flora Farms, which I’ve talked about before. It’s farm fresh food with a gorgeous atmosphere. But the most special night was El Ferallon. The restaurant sits on the cliff at The Resort at Pedegral and has the most spectacular views. The food is incredible and it’s quite the experience to watch the waves crash as you dine.

what we did

We started off the trip lounging at the pool, doing morning yoga and eating all the guacamole we could get our hands on. But after we went on a boat, we were hooked. We went back two days in a row! The first day we went with our friends on a private boat but the second day, we just caught a boat on the beach after having a bit at Billygan’s.

Sydne Style reviews the cape thompson hotel sunset beach

What bikinis we Wore

Sydne Style shares the best infinity pools in cabo at the cape thompson hotel

Sydne Style and Jessica Lowndes share girls trip to cabo san lucas mexico

See a video recap of our trip over on my Instagram!

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  1. Melody commented:

    Damn woman!!! lol Ya’ll are rockin those bikinis!!! I love girls trips!!!

    Published 11.7.18 Reply
  2. Natali commented:

    You both girls look absolutely astonishing and thank you for sharing those amazing photos from your trip!

    Published 11.7.18 Reply
  3. Michał commented:

    You are very beautiful, your friend is beautiful too!

    Published 12.4.18 Reply
  4. Emma commented:

    This is very cool! You have very beautiful photos. I also love yoga very much, my husband and I are planning a summer vacation now. I want to start every morning with yoga, while my husband plans to take up kitesurfing seriously. This is a new sport for him, but he has already found an instructor for himself and bought the necessary equipment here It will be a new experience, but I am sure it will be remembered for a lifetime.

    Published 5.12.20 Reply
  5. Olivia commented:

    This is a wonderful vacation. My friend and I also went to her birthday party in Monaco together. And it was the best planned vacation, everything was as luxurious as possible. We rented a wonderful hotel with all amenities and various activities, on arrival we were met by Azur Limousines:, a very polite driver who showed us the best places, he knew the area well and brought us without traffic jams. We met the best sunsets on the terrace, sipping a cocktail, a wonderful holiday. It’s time to plan a new one

    Published 7.13.20 Reply
  6. Amanda commented:

    Damn woman!!! It looks very cool. I also plan new trips, although these days it has become more difficult. After all, many countries are still closed for recreation, and this is tiring. Now I am planning a new vacation for September, I am applying for basic travel insurance and I expect that the borders are about to open and I will be able to enjoy the great sea

    Published 7.27.20 Reply

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