January 25, 2019

5 Dainty Gold Jewelry Pieces I Wear Every Day

Sydne Style shows dainty gold jewelry for everyday wear

Every week I get questions on my Insta Stories about my jewelry. I have five yellow gold diamond pieces of jewelry I never take off. So I figured today I would talk about all 5 dainty gold jewelry pieces and why they work for every day life.


I’ve always loved the look of layered necklaces. It took a bit of trial and error, but I finally found two pieces that sit perfectly on my neck and never get tangled together.

A Triangle for Strength


I haven’t taken off my triangle pendant since my parents gave it to my years ago. Did you know that the triangle is the strongest shape? Every time I reach up and touch my necklace I remember that I have the strength to do anything I set my mind to.

I’m a yellow gold girl for everyday wear, but the necklace also comes in white gold and rose gold.


A S for Sydne


I’ve been wearing Stella & Dot jewelry for years. So I was super excited to learn about their fine jewelry line, Covet. My friend gave me a S necklace from the line. When I hooked it on the smallest closure, it perfect fit above my triangle necklace.

I have the gold with white diamonds to match the rest of my jewelry. But the necklace also comes in white gold with white diamonds and yellow gold with black diamonds.

Stella & Dot Covet Pavé Initial Necklace, $299


I used to wear costume jewelry rings all the time since I never wanted to spend too much money. But after a few months, my fake gold rings would always become tarnished. It started to add up that I realized it simply made more sense to invest in the real thing.

An Eternity of Sparkle


My pave diamond eternity bands are the most recent addition to my everyday jewelry. I was gifted the petite ring and loved seeing the subtle sparkle on my hand every day. I loved it so much that I bought another one to wear right next to it!

These rings come in yellow gold, like mine, white gold or platinum. I love how they look stacked or worn next to each other.

Noemie Petite Diamond Band Ring, $340

A Single Reflection


I’ve been wearing my single diamond ring for over a year now. I love the meaning of a diamond. Obviously a diamond given to you from a partner is a symbol of love. But there is something to be said about giving one to yourself. The diamond is also the symbol of the richness of the Self.

The ring comes in a variety of stones, including ruby, emerald, sapphire and, of course, diamond. I’ve been thinking about adding a couple more to wear them stacked on my ring finger.

STARLING JEWELRY stacking RING, $150-$260

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My bracelet is my most special piece of jewelry I wear. It reminds me of my precious baby girl, Bunny Bell, who I lost last year. Every time I look down at my wrist I can’t help but smile.

A Diamond Tattoo


I’ve never been a tattoo person. But after my first dog, Bunny Bell, passed, I wanted something on me to feel that she was always with me. Since Bunny was such a princess, I felt diamonds were more up her alley than ink.

I decided on a diamond B initial bracelet. We chose a diamond bone and heart stud earring, and the lovely people at XIV Karats designed a special piece that I never take off. If you don’t have a jeweler need you, I found this diamond initial bracelet online.

Custom design from XIV Karats

What I love about each of these pieces is they are so dainty that I never have like I have anything on. Yet when I look at myself in the mirror, I feel  like I look a little more put together having a touch of shine and sparkle. Since they’re so delicate, they never compete with any other jewelry I add. Usually, it’s just statement earrings (which is why little studs aren’t part of my every day jewelry round-up). But even when I add a cocktail ring or pendant necklace, I never take off my five everyday jewelry pieces.

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  1. I love your selection and have selected a few for my Valentine’s Wish List! Great ideas and you look so beautiful!
    xo Debbie |

    Published 1.25.19 Reply
    • Sydne commented:

      Aw I love that! Thanks girl!

      Published 1.26.19 Reply
  2. Linda Evans commented:

    Same like you, I used to wear costume jewellery pieces. But, now I opt only for yellow gold. I have the quite similar rings you do, and never take them off. I love the idea of the initial bracelet; it looks feminine and gentle.

    Published 1.28.19 Reply
    • Sydne commented:

      I opt for yellow too 🙂

      Published 2.16.19 Reply
  3. Freida Turner commented:

    Nice. This is my kind of thing. You have a good choice of selection. The collection you have shared is simply awesome as they can be used for daily use and looks so good. I also use to wear such simple and sleek pieces of jewelry for daily use.

    Published 5.17.19 Reply
  4. Laura commented:

    You are so beautiful and so sweet too…I love the way you wear all your amazing outfit… and the way you smile with your beautiful green eyes …🌼💖💕

    Published 6.15.19 Reply
  5. Alice commented:

    It’s just amazing. Accessories will help complement any image. You can use them to diversify your everyday look or make it less formal. Why don’t you add some stunning jewelry to your outfit? Enjoy the process of selecting jewelry and create your own style.

    Published 11.3.20 Reply
  6. Kate commented:

    Thank you for sharing, I like it. An amazing way to make your everyday look more interesting. I advise you to replenish your collection with stunning jewelry at a pleasant price, you can do it here

    Published 7.16.21 Reply
  7. Elisa commented:

    Good list. Thank you! I also have a large collection of jewelry and I’m thinking about new ones right now. But this time I want something unique. My husband suggests making a pair of uniquely designed pendants at and I love the idea. Although it may be more expensive

    Published 4.1.22 Reply
  8. Emma commented:

    It is important to choose the right jewelry for every day. After all, there is a fairly large variety of options that are suitable exclusively for a more festive occasion. You can discover amazing jewelry store here

    Published 3.5.23 Reply
  9. Tichu online commented:

    Commendable collection!! All jewellery pieces are eyes catching and beautiful. Great choice!!

    Published 4.10.23 Reply
  10. jewelsofpunjab commented:

    This is an amazing collection.

    Published 5.19.23 Reply

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