July 22, 2019

Pink & Red Dresses for Summer

Sydne Style reviews elliat pink and red dres for summer weddings

I’ve always loved pink and red together. It’s one of those color combos that seems like it would clash but instead works beautifully together. When you hear pink and red, you might think Valentine’s Day. But you can wear pink and red dresses year-round!

When I was in Miami, I slipped into a pink and red outfit for a night out with my girls. The vibrancy of the city always inspires me to get a little more colorful. The coolest part about this dress? It was named after me!

the Sydne dress

This dress is by my fave Australian designer, Elliatt. It was my favorite dress to come down their runway at New York fashion week. So I couldn’t be more honored that they named it the Sydne dress.

The curved colorblocking helps create that hourglass silhouette. The straps are adjustable. and I love the thicker fabric because it sucks you in a bit.

There are only a few sizes left online but you can rent the dress if you want to go to bold for a special event.

Since I wanted to go extra bold, I added my current fave pink lipstick and matching sandals. The beauty of pink and red color combos is you can really do any lipstick you want. But as you can see from reviews of ladies who rented the dress, you can also wear it with neutrals to let the bold color do all the talking.

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Sydne Style reviews elliat pink and red dresses from rent the runway


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  1. Mike Murray commented:

    Like a fine red wine…

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  2. Miranda commented:

    red and pink, beautiful constract colors, beautiful dress, love it.
    Miranda |

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  3. Lauren commented:

    That dress looks incredible on you! I wish I could wear tighter skirts/dresses more often but I always have issues with my panties cutting into my soft butt and leaving indentations that I worry accentuate my loose booty:( The other problem is if I wear a thong then my buns get really jiggly without any support and thongs tend to hurt a bit after wearing one for long periods. What underwear do you recommend that doesn’t dig in to butt cheeks but also can hold in some jiggle? Any suggestions/help is much appreciated and thanks in advance

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