July 24, 2019

Straw Hats with Ribbon Are My New Summer Jam

Sydne Style shows what to wear in miami in black white maxi dress and straw hat

There are certain Instagram trends I can’t get on board with. Dad sneakers? No thank you! But I’ve been eyeing straw hats with ribbons ever since they started popping up on my feed earlier this summer. At first, I thought they were too editorial for everyday life. Then I thought they were too expensive. The ones I was seeing on my fave Instagram babes wear were over $400! But when I was at the mall the other week, I saw a ribbon tie straw hat for $17. For that price, I was willing to give it a try. And guess what? I ended up loving the trend!

Shop Straw Hats with Ribbons

There are three reasons straw hats with ribbons are now my summer jam:

  1. The ribbon detail adds a feminine touch to any outfit, from maxi dresses to swimsuits.
  2. When you tie them around your neck, can wear the hats on windy day (or on a boat) without having to worry about losing them.
  3. The hats look just as cute on your head as they do worn around your neck… and there’s no need for a necklace!

Sydne Style reviews jw marriott miami turnberry for florida hotels on golf courses

We took these photos on a windy day while staying at JW Marriott Miami Turnberry. I already shared over on Instagram, but I actually grew up on this golf course! Before moving to Coconut Grove when I was three, my parents and I lived in a condo in Aventura. It was so cool to see the condo from our balcony during our girls trip. And even though I don’t remember playing on the golf course as a baby, it still felt nostalgic to twirl on the green.

Sydne Style wears black and white maxi dress with straw hat for summer outfit ideas

Sydne Style wears straw boater hat with ribbon tie for summer 2019 fashion trends

Sydne Style wears hutch wrap dress for black and white summer maxi dresses



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