November 20, 2019

Holiday Gift Ideas for Coworkers

Sydne Style rounds up gift ideas for coworkers in holiday gift guide

1. The Big Book of Chic 2. All American Ads 3. Delicious Places 4. Mark & Graham business card holders 5. Mobot foam roller water bottle 6. Homesick candles 7. Sugarfina tumbler 8. Gorjana bracelets 9. Speks desk toy 10. Ember mug 11. Lexon charging station

I haven’t worked in an office in over ten years. But I still buy gifts for my coworkers every year. From my contractors that work for me to clients who have hired me, I try to think of thoughtful presents they might enjoy. Some are easier than others. I know them very well, including their likes and hobbies. Others, I don’t know as well. That’s when I turn to gifts I think everyone will like. In the past, I’ve done a variety. One year, I did Gorjana’s gemstone bracelets. They come in cute packaging that explains what the gemstones represent, from balance and strength to abundance and wisdom.

Another safe choice for holiday gift ideas for coworkers is a business card holder. Adding a monogram makes it extra special, and these leather business card holders are on sale right now!

Use code GIFTMORE for 25% off Mark & Graham through 11/26

If you know your coworker loves coffee, instead of a traditional mug and Starbucks gift card, why not try a temperature control mug that will keep their coffee fresh all day they’re at the computer. I also thought this tumbler filled with coffee candy was super cute. Plus, it’s on sale right now:

Shop the Neiman Marcus 25-30% home sale through 11/25

If you and your coworker talk about stress at the office, a stress relieving desk toy can be a thoughtful touch. I also like the idea of a foam roller water bottle. It allows you to hydrate and roll out sore muscles on the go. I’m thinking of getting one for myself for travel.

For someone who’s always on their phone, a charging station with UV sanitizer is a cool alternative to a portable charger. It cleans your phone at your desk! Or if you know a coworker who has recently moved to the area, a candle with their home state is a sweet touch.

And everyone always loves a coffee table book. Some new books I’m eyeing are The Big Book of Chic for the fashionista coworker, All-American Ads of the 90s for the coworker in advertising or marketing and Delicious Places: New Food Culture, Restaurants and Interiors for the foodie coworker.

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