February 16, 2020

5 Things I’m Loving Right Now // No. 13

Sydne Style shares comfy cardigan on blush couch

Happy President’s Day weekend! I hope you’re doing something fun for the long weekend. As for me? I’ve been home working. It’s funny working for yourself you completely forget about holidays. But luckily I love my job so I don’t mind at all. I actually have been working some exciting new projects so this weekend has been productive but still fun. I’ve also been reading every night. So I’ve included a book I just finished below, as well as more weekly faves….


#1: comfy cardis

I’ve been living in this fuzzy cardigan. I love it so much that I have it in both white and black. For starters, it’s insanely soft. I usually wear a cami under my cardigans but love the way the fluffy fabric feels against my skin. I also like that it’s cropped. So even though it’s super roomy it doesn’t overwhelm my smaller frame. And the oversize buttons gives it more of a fashionable feel.

I’ve been wearing it with jeans and sneakers and booties when I’m running errands. And have worn it inside the house with leggings whenever I’m working from home.


#2: lightweight statement

I love a good statement earring. But I hate wearing anything to heavy on my ears. That’s why I fell in love with these Kendra Scott earrings. They’re made from lightweight wire coated with gold, silver or rose gold. So you barely feel them when you’re wearing them. But the volume of the earring still creates a major statement. I like how the airy design is casual enough to wear to dress up your daytime looks. But still dressy enough to wear into night.


#3: plush rugs

This is just something I love… Jack Jack loves it too! I replaced my rug over the holidays and seriously cannot get enough of this West Elm rug. It’s the softest thing ever! I had to lay on the floor for quite some time from my injury and didn’t mind at all thanks to this plush rug.

I went with white but it also comes in gray. It shed a little at first but after vacuuming a few times the shedding went away. It’s so nice to have your feet sink into something so soft when you’re sitting on the couch… or having your whole body be enveloped in cozy fabric when you’re laying on the floor!


#4: light suspense

I know it’s strange to describe a suspense book as “cute” but that’s exactly what came to mind after reading The Rumor. Set in a small coastal town, the novel follows a young mom who has a life-altering realization after a rumor begins that a notorious female murderer now reside in her neighborhood. The woman killed a child when she herself was just a kid. Now an older lady, everyone feels differently about her living in their surroundings. Slightly predictable but still containing a few twists, this a great suspense pick if you want a light read.

The rumor, $10.99

#5: chic carnations

I know chic isn’t the first word that comes to mind when you think of carnations. At least, it has never been for me. Usually I just think of the flower as something inexpensive. That is, until I went to tea at The Peninsula Beverly Hills. Upon admiring the floral arrangement, I realized it was made of carnations! Their trick was to tightly put the carnations together in a vase to create a luxe vibe.

I tried it at home, using two bunches of carnations I got at Whole Foods. It’s been a week that my inexpensive bouquet has been on my coffee table and the flowers look just as fresh as ever. I did a little tutorial over on my Home highlights on Instagram if you want to recreate this super easy and inexpensive design.




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