March 18, 2020

Why I’m Making Each Day of Quarantine a Theme

I thrive on structure. Without it my mind races and I become so overwhelmed that I end up doing nothing. That’s why I have to be so organized in life. When it comes to working with home, I have that covered in the means of quarantine themes after doing it for over 10 years.

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Obviously I can’t work 24/7. So what do you do with the rest of your time during quarantine? That’s where my themes come in. I’ve decided to make each day about a new subject ranging from bettering myself, being more productive and learning new hobbies. Here are a list of themes in case you want to join along. I’ll be posting each theme daily on my Insta Stories!


I kicked off my quarantine themes with a closet cleanse. When I got back from family quarantine down in San Diego, I was greeted by a very messy bedroom. Before I left, I had started planning outfits for my now canceled birthday trip to Miami. Instead of just putting the clothing away, I decided to do an entire closet overhaul. I got rid of pieces I no longer want or need and bagged them to donate when it’s safe to go outside again. Having a clean space gave me major peace of mind!

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Today my quarantine theme is beauty. I’m going to throw on a face mask, paint my nails, clean my makeup brushes and watch makeup tutorials on YouTube to learn new techniques. It’s such a great time to learn new ideas!

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And here are some Beauty YouTubers I’m planning to watch:

Getting Artsy

I love art. I never feel like I have enough time to paint or draw. Well, now is the time! I plan on breaking out my sketchbook and get back into drawing. I’m going to set up some still lifes at home and maybe even use Jack Jack as a model! One of my Instagram followers also suggest adult coloring books as a creative outlet, which I though was a wonderful idea. I rounded up a few below if you want to unleash your inner Picasso.

Get Your Fitness On

Ironically, the week I was cleared to start doing a weekly workout class was the week the virus hit the US. So instead of group classes I’m trying to do online classes at home. I’ve talked about ClassPass before, and they have a ton of video workouts and live classes.

Cook it Up

Living alone, I don’t cook for myself too much. To be honest, I want to avoid grocery stores so I renewed my Thistle subscription to get healthy food delivered. But until it arrives, I’m getting creative with the food I have on hand.

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These are just themes I’m planning to start with. I don’t know how long this will last but I have a feeling I’ll need quite a few more for my daily fix! Of course, I’ll repeat themes as well, like fitness and beauty. If you have any ideas, I’m all ears! Looking forward to chatting with you more over on Insta Stories!


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  1. Justwright1 commented:

    So many great ideas! We’re lucky there are so many apps and activities online! I’m doing You Tube exercise videos, taking an art class online and depending how long this virus keeps us at home, maybe even learn Spanish! Stay well! 😘

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  2. JenniferLopez commented:

    Taking care of the body is extremely necessary for girls. I like fresh girls instead of girls who just sit around all day holding the computer playing cuphead

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  3. Casen Pate commented:

    So many brilliant ideas! We’re fortunate to have so many apps and activities available online! I’m doing YouTube fitness videos, taking an online painting class, and hoping to learn Spanish depending on how long this virus puts us at home. slope

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  4. Kane Charles commented:

    It’s a great way to organize your time and focus on different topics each day during quarantine. It sounds like you are making very creative and productive use of your time! Knowing how to organize and manage time not only helps increase work efficiency but also gives us free time so we can rest and entertain. Time calculator is a great assistant to help calculate and optimize time.

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