May 18, 2020

Floral Dresses That Feel Like Impressionist Paintings

Sydne Style wears floral dress in almond orchards

When I was a little girl, I was obsessed with Impressionism. I did a whole project in fourth grade on my favorite Impressionist painter at the time, Georges Seurat. My fascination with the 19th century art movement continued into adulthood. I still get chills when I visit Musée de l’Orangerie and sit in the oval room filled with Claude Monet’s “Water Lilies.”

Before the pandemic, my photographer, Mun, asked me to meet her in Bakersfield, California to shoot in the blooming almond orchards. It was worth the two hour drive from LA. The minute I stepped inside the orchards I felt like I was in an impressionist painting brought to life. I wore this floral dress to blend in with the blooms. Since it’s a splurge, I rounded up some more impressionist painting floral dresses below…

Sydne Style wears floral dress in almond orchards in bakersfield california

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Watercolor floral dresses have such a romantic feeling. So I wanted a hairstyle to match. I tied my hair in a half ponytail and re-used velvet ribbon I had leftover from my holiday decor: DIY ornaments and DIY pumpkins. I’d like to think that my favorite Impressionist painters would be happy with my tribute.

Sydne Style shows pretty hairstyles for brunettes in half updo
Sydne Style wears floral dress and booties in almond orchards in bakersfield
Sydne Style wears floral dress in almond orchards for pretty places to take photos in california
Sydne Style shows the best floral dresses

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  1. Suzy commented:

    Stunning photos!! Such a pretty dress too!

    Published 5.18.20 Reply
  2. Rose William commented:

    Wow! You are looking so beautiful in these pictures. Thanks for sharing this amazing post. Fashion is a popular aesthetic in a certain time and context, especially in clothing and you truly have a good taste of fashion and style selection. Denim is perfect for any occasion and never goes out of style. I’m a fashion freak and I’ll definitely try this look with my stylish Wing shawl. In these days Wing shawl is a huge trend. Thanks for the lovely post..

    Published 5.19.20 Reply
  3. Danielle Orr commented:

    You look so beautiful in this dress. Love these photos of you.

    Published 5.22.20 Reply
  4. Lataz commented:

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    Published 6.23.20 Reply
  5. Susan Harris commented:

    Your Impression is really good. You look pretty in this floral dress.Thank you!

    Published 9.26.20 Reply

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