May 19, 2020

No-Heat Beach Waves for Straight Hair

Sydne Style shows how to get no heat beach waves for straight hair

Since I can’t get a haircut anytime soon, I’ve been extra diligent about trying to keep my hair healthy. One way I’ve been doing this is by avoiding heat tools. I’ve only touched a hair dryer and curling iron twice since we went into lockdown back in March. But I still love the look of beachy waves. So I tried out a bunch of hair tutorials on how to get no-heat beach waves without using a curling iron.

After endless trial and error, I finally found a technique that worked for me. Since my hair is pretty straight and doesn’t hold curl too well, I had try out a bunch of different hair products too. It took a lot of experimenting but I finally found the perfect solution for my straight hair. I’m sharing a video tutorial over on Instagram.

Watch my No-Heat Beach Waves Hair Tutorial

Here are the steps with products if you want to shop them to get no-heat beach waves too:

  1. Dry hair quicker with a hair towel. I use an Aquis Hair Towel ($30).
  2. Spray entire head with a volumizing spray. I use Unite Boosta Volumizing Spray ($27.50).
  3. Brush out hair to detangle. I use my Wet Brush Detangler ($14.99).
  4. Part hair.
  5. Create two sections and lightly tie one section into a pigtail. I use Slip Pure Silk Hair Ties ($39 for a 3-pack).
  6. Divide hair into 1-1 1/2-inch sections and keep wrapping them under and over in a French Braid technique, just using two sections of hair instead of 3.
  7. Repeat on other side.
  8. Wrap the two sections together, securing with the silk scrunchie.
  9. Loosen the the front sections.
  10. Continue loosening the front sections as the hair is dry.
  11. Once hair is dry, take out the scrunchie and undo the “braid.”
  12. Spray waves with a texturizing hair spray. I use Sexy Hair High Tide Texturizing Finishing Hairspray ($19.95).
  13. Use your fingers to loosen the curls.
  14. Minimize flyaways with an anti-frizz spray. I use Garnier Fructis Sleek Shine Frizz Guard Hair Spray ($3.49).
  15. Sometimes I spray a little extra on a soft brush and lightly brush the top of my head. I use Oribe Large Round Bristle Brush ($185).
  16. And that’s it!

My straight hair usually doesn’t hold curl too well but I’ve been super happy of how the waves have held up with this combination of hair products. The next day, I add a little more texturizing hair spray and the curls look almost as good as they did the day before. Sometimes I can even stretch it into three days, which is huge for me! I hope this helps you if you’re looking for no-heat hair technique for at-home beach waves!


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  1. Elisabeth commented:

    Cool way, it was helpful, thank you! I usually make waves with a hair flat iron, there are great options for really good hair flat irons here . As a rule, I put the curling iron on a minimum temperature, and also use a spray to protect against high temperatures. This helps me once again not to damage my hair with heat

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  2. Nika commented:

    To make your hair really look good-it is very important to find a good care specialist who will help you with this. I advise you to get acquainted with these salons in more detail

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  3. Amanda commented:

    It suits you very well! It is difficult for me to make my own hairstyle, so I always choose this salon. This is exactly the place where wishes are always taken into account and pleasantly surprised with the result

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  4. run 3 commented:

    Very cool; informative; many thanks! I frequently use a hair flat iron to create waves; there are several excellent flat iron alternatives. As a general rule, I set the curling iron to the lowest setting and protect myself from excessive temperatures by spraying. Once more, this aids me in avoiding heat damage to my hair.

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  5. Long Hair commented:

    Hey, Thanks for sharing tips for no heat beach waves for straight hair.

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