June 12, 2020

11 Nail Art Ideas for Pride 2020

Every year for Pride month I do rainbow inspired nail art. This year, I did a rainbow heart nail design (you can find all the steps on how to do it yourself here). While searching for ideas on Pinterest, I found a ton of rainbow nail art ideas for Pride 2020. I wanted to share in case you wanted to try out a colorful at-home manicure for Pride month as well…

negative space

My favorite way to do Pride nails is to contrast negative space with bright colors. Last year, I did a colorful take on the classic French manicure by adding different color tips to my nude manicure. I also love the way nail artist Betina played with negative space by creating diagonal nail art design to clean nails.

Heart French Manicure

If my mini hearts are too subtle for you, you can try a heart inspired French manicure. Nail artist Joy added sparkle to her rainbow heart by lining her design with silver polish. I also like manicurist Hannah’s candy colored take on the nail art design.

Rainbow mani

A few years back, I brought out ten different color polishes to create a rainbow manicure. If you’re not a nail polish hoarder like I am, you can get the same vibe with five polishes, like Nabela did with did with her pastel and neon shades.

Nail artist Jayme had a fun take on rainbow nails with her hot and cold manicure. And if you want to be a little extra, you can follow Hey Nice Nails‘ lead and add star decals to your rainbow mani.

nail decals

Speaking of decals, Justine showed a super easy way to do Pride nails by adding different color butterfly nail decals to her nude mani. And for a major statement, take note of Jessica’s rainbow crystal nail art design. It inspired me to create my own sparkly mani at home!

Sydne Style shows rainbow nail art ideas for pride with crystal mani

I hope you enjoyed these easy nail art ideas for Pride 2020!


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