March 25, 2009

Rate My 80s Party Outfits

80s-pollI originally planned to do two outfits for my party: one glam and one playful. Two quickly turned into four after a very successful day of vintage shopping:

1. I found this dress at American Vintage in Los Feliz. It fit like a glove and considering both lamΓ© and velvet are trendy for fall, I’ll probably be wearing it again (without the side ponytail, of course).
Vintage dress, vintage earrings, lia sophia bracelets, Manolo Blahnik D’Orsays

2. My friend and I originally went to Jet Rag for their $1 Sunday sale. Without our morning caffeine fix, we didn’t have nearly enough energy to dig through the piles of clothing outside the store. And thank goodness! Because inside was this fabulous velvet find. It was actually a dress but I cut off the frumpy calf-length skirt to make it into a Balmain-esque top. I definitely plan on wearing it with skinny jeans come fall.
Vintage top, Forever 21 skirt, lia sophia earrings and bracelets, Stuart Weitzman pumps

3. I used to visit my grandparents in the Hamptons every summer. I think my grandfather bought me this sweatshirt when I was about eight. The shorts I actually bought before I planned my party. I have a slight neon obsession.
Vintage sweatshirt, Hanes tank, vintage beads, Forever 21 shorts, Urban Outfitters legwarmers, Christian Lacroix sandals

4. Considering neon is so trendy for spring, finding fluorescent was a breeze. The difficult part was getting my hands on a crimper. Luckily, a friend at work had kept hers from high school.
American Apparel dress, Forever 21 leggings, Gap Kids jean jacket, Claire’s flower barrette, lia sophia ring, vintage gloves, Forever 21 wedges

Which 80s Outfit Did You Like Best?

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  1. Sal commented:

    I voted for 4, but they’re ALL fantastic!

    Published 3.25.09 Reply
  2. Fashion Critic commented:

    Look #2

    It looks very vintage Balmain

    Published 3.28.09 Reply
  3. Sydne commented:

    Thanks! And Catherine, that’s exactly what I was going for πŸ™‚

    Published 3.28.09 Reply
  4. areal commented:

    one is slamen, two shirt is weard, three hip, four over done.
    ! !

    Published 10.28.09 Reply
  5. areal commented:

    ! !
    ! !
    ! !



    Published 10.28.09 Reply
  6. amstaz (amy) commented:

    i like numba 2

    Published 1.6.11 Reply
  7. jldaidkjls commented:

    i like the first one but its not really 80s

    Published 2.1.11 Reply
  8. Annie the Horse Back Rider... commented:

    I like the fourth one. It gives that Madonna vibe and it’s really cute.

    By the way have you ever worked for McGrath Sport Horse?

    Published 4.7.11 Reply
  9. Lulu lemon commented:

    UM THE THIRD!!! areal: Remember its not todays style so get over yourself!!!!!!

    Published 6.6.12 Reply
  10. rihanna hamby commented:

    Ok well number one is cute but so not 80s, two looks like something my grandma would wear, three three ΓΌber cute and I would totally wear it, for is really cute but get rid of the gloves

    Published 5.21.13 Reply

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