October 3, 2010

ttF Fashion Diary: 80s Skate Party

ttF Fashion Staples Series Diary: 80s Skate Party
Two birthdays ago, I had a “Party Like It’s 1984” birthday bash with four costume changes. But one of my best friends, Kinya, took it even one step further in coolness last night for her big 3-0. Her 80s themed party was at a roller rink!

We were all encouraged to dress up and I was so thrilled to see everyone bring it. Kinya borrowed one of her mom’s aerobics outfits from the 1980s, my friend Michael outfitted himself in headbands, Jess braved a pair of leggings and a peplum busiter and I lent my other friend Jessica my neon tights. I decided to go with a child’s iceskater outfit I found at a vintage store. I cut out the leotard part and used the material to create a halter so it would fit. Safety pins were an easy DIY fix. I attached some pink hair extensions, loaded up my wrists with neon bracelets and wore four rings, including this month’s staple. One friend called me ice skater Barbie. Another said I looked like Jem.

I think the pics say it all. We had an absolute blast. Happy birthday Kinya!

Live in LA and want to get in on the fun? The South Bay Galleria is celebrating its 25th Anniversary with a 80s themed bash on October 30 in Redondo Beach. Visit their Facebook page to RSVP!

Vintage dress, leg warmers from American Apparel, Silly Bandz, Jules Smith jelly bracelets, wooden bangle I was given by a friend, grandmother’s rings and clip-on earrings, Paris Hilton hair extensions, lia sophia ring

Fashion Staples Used: Amber Ring

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  1. Alice Claiborne commented:

    Wow, you really pulled the 80’s skating party off. I did not know it was 2010 I would believe it was 1984. Kinya looks better in the my favorite 2 piece aerobics outfit that I wore back in the day! I really like the color coordination from the outfit to the cake. Love the leg warmers. How creative to redesign a little girl’s iceskater’s outfit into a big girls dress. Perfect accessories too. This is truely an 80’s party!

    Here is my stamp of approval :>!


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    • Sydne commented:

      So happy you like it. You’re daughter looked fabulous!!!

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