October 29, 2012

She’s a Monet: A DIY Halloween Couples Costume

“She’s a full-on Monet.”

One of my all-time favorite movie quotes inspired my Halloween costume this year. Do you know who said it?

It all started when my bf and I decided to do a couples costume for our Halloween dinner in New York last weekend. I’ve never done a couples costume, plus I was meeting new people for the first time. Translation? Major pressure!

After looking online for hours one very sleepless night I saw a little girl dressed up like a painted canvas. Then a lightbulb went off. I’d be a Monet and he’d be my painter.

To kick off my DIY project, I bought a nude cotton dress from H&M and cut off the sleeves. Using fabric paint and a sponge brush, I created a version of Monet’s famous water lilies (*Note: if you’re going to try this yourself, make sure to put plastic in between the dress because the paint will seep through). After it dried, I went to Michael’s for some gold wired ribbon and used two layers to build a frame for my canvas. I first glued it on with E-6000, and then secured the edges with some needle and thread.

As for him, we picked up a shirt and beret at a vintage shop and a mustache at the Halloween store. Then we added the canvas I used to paint my costume.

I hope you like the end result of our painter and his work of art masterpiece!

Happy Halloween!

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  1. This is amazing and so creative – great job on painting that dress…I’m so impressed!!

    Published 10.29.12 Reply
    • Sydne commented:

      Thanks Penny Pincher and Jessica! It was a really fun costume to make and wear 🙂

      Published 10.29.12 Reply
  2. Jessica commented:

    This is the most creative couples costume idea I’ve seen! Classy but very sexy. good job Sydne! And your boyfriend is adorable

    Published 10.29.12 Reply
  3. Tina commented:


    Published 10.29.12 Reply
  4. Holly commented:

    That quote is CHer from Clueless, of course!

    And that is a GREAT couples costume! Love it!

    Published 10.29.12 Reply
  5. Giovanna commented:

    Such a great idea! Loving y’alls costumes!


    Published 10.29.12 Reply
  6. Deniz commented:

    OMG this is too adorable! Love it!

    Published 10.29.12 Reply
  7. Maria-Camila commented:

    So clever, hats off! P.S. You look so stunning

    Published 10.30.12 Reply
  8. Lara commented:

    I LOVE this idea! You look so great!

    Published 10.30.12 Reply
  9. Stylistic Gigi commented:

    So adorable that you might see it in H&M next week or last least by Black Friday. Kudos!

    Published 10.30.12 Reply
  10. Melanie commented:

    Such an adorable idea!!!! xo

    Published 10.30.12 Reply
  11. Sydne commented:

    Thanks everyone! Maybe I’ll start making the dresses and selling on the blog 🙂

    Published 10.30.12 Reply
  12. So creative! You did a great job with the painting.

    Published 10.30.12 Reply
  13. Jessica commented:

    Clueless is my favorite movie too!

    Published 11.1.12 Reply
  14. Myah commented:

    This is brilliant! I would have never thought of a costume like this. How adorable. I love it!

    Published 11.5.12 Reply
  15. Sarah commented:

    This is such a great idea. I just thought I would share my shop link! I have many Monet’s and other great artists in my fabric collection to make a costume like this a snap!

    Published 8.31.13 Reply
  16. Kerudung Bandung commented:

    great…thanks for the idea… toko kerudung jilbab hijab online bandung

    Published 3.27.14 Reply

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